Hope Realized Shows How Sales Management Consultants Help Business Owners

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New Book, Hope Realized, Shows How Sales Management Consultants Help Business Owners


What’s it like being a sales management consultant? What’s it like serving as an Outsourced or Fractional VP of Sales for small to mid-sized businesses? What kind of difference do our licensed Advisors make in the lives of business owners and their employees? While every client engagement is unique, we often find common ground in the problems we are asked to address, the types of clients we are called to serve, and the satisfaction we derive as we help turn struggling businesses around.

With that in mind, I wanted to provide entertaining and thought-provoking insight into the lives of our clients and our sales consulting Advisors, while also highlighting the process we follow when delivering an engagement. That’s why I wrote my new book, Hope Realized: Finding the Path to Sales Success. The book tells the story of a business owner named Steve whose once thriving company stands at the brink of failure; and “how a cup of coffee and a conversation” with a sales management consultant named Vance begins a journey of discovery that promises to rescue not only Steve’s business, but benefit his family life as well.

I tell this story in a business fable-style that makes an often-complex process easy to read and relatable for sales leadership professionals. Set primarily in a retro diner called The Fork, Hope Realized brings to life an eclectic mix of characters as it weaves in proven lessons for growing sales, managing sales operations, and providing the leadership necessary for sales growth and sustainable business success.

Although Hope Realized doesn’t take place in an ordinary business setting or represent a typical professional relationship between consultant and business owner, it does present sales-growth solutions that are implemented by our Advisors every day..

Business owners will relate to Steve because they are often experiencing similar sales challenges, and they will also benefit from Vance’s lessons. The book is also fundamentally insightful and intriguing for sales consultants and experienced sales professionals considering consulting as a rewarding sales management career beyond the corporate world.

What will sales leadership professionals learn from Hope Realized?

  • How to reconnect with what they love about sales, sales management, and sales leadership
  • How to find a renewed sense of purpose by using their experience and expertise while serving small to mid-sized businesses in dire need of sales leadership
  • How to lead business owners down a path to sustainable sales success using proven sales strategies, tools and techniques
  • How shorter-term sales management consulting engagements keep a career as an Outsourced VP of Sales from growing stagnant (the way most corporate sales executive careers do)
  • How to reestablish work/life balance by prioritizing more time with family and less time on the road

Early reviews for Hope Realized have been very gratifying, with 5-star reviews continuing to come in. According to reviewer Jenna, from Breaking Sales Barriers:

Hope Realized brings hope to business owners struggling to take their business to the next level. It is told as a story that resonates in a big way for any business owner. It is the type of book you can’t put down after you begin to read it. If you own a business and are curious about how other companies reach the next level, it’s a must read!”

That’s high praise indeed, and it tells me I’ve been able to deliver a compelling business fable chock full of essential sales management and leadership lessons. If you are a seasoned sales professional seeking your own path to a rewarding “next act,” I’m confident you’ll agree that Hope Realized cooks up satisfying insights and “food for thought.”

Want a taste of what you’ll experience in Hope Realized? Here’s an excerpt:

Hope Realized is available on Amazon and at other retailers. Learn more here.


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