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The answer to hitting and surpassing sales goals lies with having the right sales growth strategy in place. Time is critical. When hiring a full-time resource, it takes time to get up to speed and a question of if they can deliver. Alternatively, hiring an experienced sales leader, at a fraction of the cost, who knows how to do this and can do it quickly is an option. Keep reading to discover how our outsourced sales solutions can help our clients.

Outsourced Sales Solutions

A Certified Sales System delivered by Fractional Sales Leaders

Our sales leadership consultants start by conducting a no-obligation assessment of your business to uncover how they can best support you. They want to understand if you have the right tools, processes, sales plan, and people in place to sustain a repeatable revenue generating model. Based on your unique needs, they partner with you to determine the best fractional offering for your company. 

To learn more about our Certified Sales Operating and Management System:

Other companies consult… we build

We are more than a consulting company; we become a part of your team to help build a solid sales growth strategy by implementing our Certified Sales Operating and Management System to drive revenue. Our consultants do this by combining their certified sales leadership experience with the Sales Xceleration® systems, tools, and processes to deliver results. Our service offering can do all or a portion of creating, building, and executing on your sales plan.

Create a Sales Plan

Sales Xceleration will develop a sales growth strategy to:

Build the Process

Sales Xceleration will create a sales process that will:

Execute and Grow Sales

Sales Xceleration will create a sales process that will:

How we serve our clients

Our outsourced sales solutions come in different ways. Here is a high-level overview of our Certified Sales Operating and Management System so you can better understand what our consultants offer to clients. Each of our Consultants is a Certified Sales Leader and trained to implement and/or manage your team using the Certified Sales Operating and Management System™ which is based on best practices for running your sales organization to drive growth.

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Sales Growth Strategy

Sales Management



We run your sales, while you run your business by creating a sales plan, establishing the supporting process, and ensuring the team is built for success.

A sales plan, sales processes, and sales team that are set up for success to increase sales and profit margins.

Sales Infrastructure



We create your sales strategy, provide sales processes, give you the tools to manage your team and pipeline, and assess your team and develop a hiring plan if needed.

A prioritized action plan to improve sales at every step of the process to grow your sales.

Sales Assessment



Thorough assessment of current team, process, and strategy that uncovers core sales problems.

A comprehensive evaluation of your readiness to meet your sales objectives with actionable, prioritized recommendations to improve sales productivity.

Sales Training



To further ensure organizational success, our Sales VPs assess the teams they are working with to identify any training gaps. Bringing those not properly prepared for their roles up to speed is an important part of ensuring the organization runs effectively.

Our partnership with the RAIN group enables us to provide an effective sales training solution that combines expert training and personalized coaching for sales reps who need it. Our Certified Sales Leadership (CSL) program delivers comprehensive sales leadership training that shares proven best practices on how to manage the 16 key areas to effectively manage a sales team.

Quality of Sales



Provide an in-depth sales due diligence analysis that helps business owners and investors make profit-aligned decisions when buying or selling a company.

A comprehensive report that assesses the sales infrastructure, sales process, sales support, and sales organizational systems, includes the viability of all to drive consistent growth.

Value Proposition Workshop



Define your value and create your sales value proposition.

A clear and unified statement for your sales team to share with prospects and clients on the value you deliver with the understanding of why it’s important to your customers.

Sales Playbook



The sales playbook is a custom plan developed for your team through Advisor and client insights. The information provided, coupled with the power of AI will be used to create your strategy, methodology and processes for sales success.

Our sales playbook is a comprehensive guide developed for your sales team, which includes outreach messaging, points of differentiation, ideal customer profiles, and a consistent sales process to drive revenue growth.

We walk alongside you to achieve your sales goals.

Our goal is the same as yours, to provide the right sales tools, processes, and team members to achieve your revenue goals with a sales growth strategy that works.

Are you ready to discover how we create, execute, and deliver for you a sales plan that drives results? Let’s get started today building a path to more sales.