The Sales Xceleration® Story

The Path from Groundbreaking Vision to Global Recognition as the Foremost Pioneer in Outsourced Sales Leadership.

A Fresh Idea

The idea seems so obvious now: Create a path for experienced sales management professionals to become Outsourced Sales Leaders using proven tools and systems to serve small to mid-sized businesses. 

While “fractional” time consulting existed for CFOs and HR professionals, in 2011 it was a novel concept in the sales industry when Chad Meyer and Mark Thacker began discussing how to empower others to become sales leadership consultants. 

Two People, Similar Paths

After successful corporate sales leadership careers, both Thacker and Meyer, who retired in 2022, had separately taken the entrepreneurial plunge and spent many years helping business clients – from start-ups to multi-million-dollar corporations – reach new levels of success on sustainable paths to market leadership.

The Early Vision

Work on Sales Xceleration began in earnest in early 2011. Chad and Mark knew there were many corporate VPs of Sales who had grown weary of the corporate life and its overwhelming travel requirements. But they also knew there was a ready and substantial market of small to mid-sized businesses desperate for the skills, wisdom and guidance of these sales leaders. Creating Sales Xceleration meant building the path to connect these two groups.

The Reality

Turning Sales Xceleration from concept into reality would require tremendous time, effort and determination, but these visionaries were up to the task. They knew VPs of Sales had great knowledge and experience and that many were ready to work with purpose beyond the corporate life. But they also knew these leaders did not typically possess a cohesive suite of tools, documentation and systems necessary to go to market and find consulting clients. So, Mark and Chad got busy. Very busy. Working 16-hour days for 2 years before they were ready to bring on the first Advisors, they built every tool, every system, and every piece of documentation at a granular level. In addition to creating a platform for consultants, they also had to be “market makers,” creating awareness at the small to mid-sized business level that a new alternative – a sales leadership solution – was now available. 

The Growth

With those pieces in place, they reached out to entrepreneurially-minded sales leaders. Within a few months, they had their first “Advisor” on board and continued to develop materials and tools. A second Advisor soon followed, and then another and another. Even as they led and taught, Mark and Chad also learned from this growing family of Sales Leaders, Together, they continued to innovate from an expanding base of knowledge and wisdom. 

After a few years of dedicated effort, constant innovation, and exemplary market leadership, Sales Xceleration was recognized in 2019 as one of “The Most Successful Companies in America,” appearing on its list of fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. Today, Sales Xceleration has more than 100 Advisors serving as sales leadership consultants across the U.S. and in Canada.

The Future

Meyer and Thacker are proud of the growth of Sales Xceleration, but prouder still of how the company has been able to change lives. Advisors now enjoy a better work/home life balance and have a newfound freedom and control over their lives. Beyond this, Sales Xceleration Advisors have helped thousands of small to mid-sized businesses and sales teams – and the families who depend on them – move from struggling to thriving. 

Where does Sales Xceleration go from here? Sales Xceleration is poised to continue its national and international expansion. Throughout the company, the shared vision is for Sales Xceleration to be the preeminent outsourced sales leadership company in the world, known for being the choice of the best, brightest and most experienced sales leadership consultants and the most forward-thinking business clients. 

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