Empowering You to Build Your Own Sales Consultancy Business

Are you standing at a career crossroads, yearning to take control of your destiny and embrace entrepreneurship?

You are in the right place – At Sales Xceleration, we offer the perfect opportunity for sales leaders to launch their own sales consulting business.

As Sales Xceleration’s Visionary and an Outsourced VP of Sales herself, Kelly has firsthand experience of launching her own practice, powered by Sales Xceleration.

Your Path to Success

Our proven 6-prong system serves as the cornerstone of our turn-key business solution. You bring your invaluable sales knowledge and expertise, and we equip you with everything else needed to thrive as an independent sales consultant. As a Fractional VP of Sales, you’ll join an exclusive community of elite sales leaders, fostering an environment of collaboration and support that propels your success.

Who We Are

We provide our clients with fractional consulting services when businesses need the skill set of a sales VP without a long-term commitment. Our trained and experienced sales leaders offer invaluable expertise and insight to help our clients grow and prosper in evolving markets.

What We Do

We’ve created a path to freedom for motivated entrepreneurs who want to build their own sales consulting business. What is life like as an Outsourced VP of Sales? It’s rewarding and energizing, and our consultants can operate their businesses freely with the backing of a national presence.

Why It Works

We provide you with everything you need to build, launch, and scale a successful consultancy practice. When you join Sales Xceleration, you will be trained on our proven 6-prong system and gain access to thousands of resources empowering you to leverage our revenue drivers, resulting in high client acquisition.

The Sales Xceleration Advantage ​

We provide you with a comprehensive toolkit, a clear roadmap, and unwavering support to jumpstart your journey as an independent sales consultant. Your extensive sales leadership experience combined with our proven system will be instrumental in aiding business owners eager for significant sales improvements.

Training and Support

Revenue Generators

SX Community

Gain valuable insights and advice from others who have been in your shoes. Networking and learning from peers help you avoid common mistakes and find new opportunities. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to be successful upon completing the program with on-going support.

The Secret Weapon for Small Business Growth and Efficiency

Ready to Make an Impact?

Did you know one-third of small businesses currently outsource at least one business operation? Take the leap into the world of independent sales consulting with Sales Xceleration. Let’s combine your expertise with our proven platform to assist businesses in need of sales transformation.

Bring the Questions​

We know you want to understand the model and have questions, that’s why we have composed a list of frequently asked questions, helping you determine if this career path is right for you.

Team of small business owner and outsourced sales leader discussing project on tablet sitting at table in office. Two colleagues of professional
Is this a paid position?

No, our Advisors are all independent consultants and licensed resellers. Each person runs their own practice while leveraging the Sales Xceleration brand, tools, and deliverables.

Is there a cost to join?

Yes, there is a training fee. Our new Advisors attend three days of face-to-face training and gain full access to all our intellectual property, content, and strategic alliances, so a commitment by the Advisor is required.

What do you look for in a Fractional VP of Sales?

There are multiple attributes we look for in an Advisor, but the most important include:

  • Sales leadership experience of at least 8 years (including managing annual revenue responsibility of > $30M)
  • A sales career that spans at least 16 years, with a focus in B2B sales
  • A recognition and connection to the Sales Xceleration Core Values
  • An entrepreneur spirit, coupled with a willingness to follow our proven 6-prong system

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