Are you ready for a life changing career?

Career success is more than travel miles earned or quotas reached. Frankly, over the years voices of experienced sales leaders have been heard less and marginalized more often. You are more than that and you know it. If you are ready for a new challenge, Sales Xceleration® may be the next career choice for you.

Our Advisors bring our proven tools and resources to businesses along with their expertise. The same expertise you already have. Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of others? Are you ready for your voice to be heard and appreciated? Are you ready for a different challenge? Are you at a time in your career where you are tired of traveling, corporate politics, or worse yet not having a voice at the table, ageism, or have just lost the excitement for what you are doing every day?

By becoming an Outsourced VP of Sales you can start making a difference with businesses in your community, you can utilize your expertise and feel valued, and last but not least you can take control of your future. Keep reading to learn more about what Sales Xceleration has to offer.

You’re Needed Only 1 in 10 small and mid-size businesses have built a strong sales infrastructure*

*2020 Sales Xceleration Sales Agility Assessment from 2,355 respondents

It’s time you were appreciated for your skills and contributions

Just imagine the businesses that could use the insights you have. Business leaders struggle with the sales acumen you have lived with your entire career. It’s time to put those skills and knowledge to work in companies that will see results and find value in what you provide. You can help small to mid-size businesses accelerate and grow your own business at the same time.

Follow a proven path The data on Sales Xceleration is compelling

A proven business model

We are truly invested in the success of your practice, and it all starts with providing the tools and resources necessary to contract local companies that need to outsource their sales leadership. We have the complete business model which includes:

An Advisor shares his onboarding experience:

"Thanks to each of you for all you have done in these last several weeks. The path you have created for me, fuels the confidence, provides the plan and tools to spread my passion for helping others realize their goals, hopes and dreams while reaching mine. You are truly unselfish servants."

Fractional is the new normal

Recent changes in business have created a rise in independent fractional working arrangements. That means you can share your expertise with more than one organization, making it beneficial for both parties. The skills you have mastered can be shared and you can control the number and depth of engagements. You get your life back and see the rewards of deeply appreciative customers.

The voices of experience

Many others have made this career step. They have corporate sales stories, just like you. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what they have to say. Find common ground in what other sales leaders have learned as they have journeyed on this path. Their stories can be yours.

Bring The Questions You’re in sales. You have questions. We have answers. Here are just a few of the things we have heard over the years.

We’ve heard all the questions and objections. Actually, our founders are seasoned sales leaders as well. This program was created to solve the above questions and more. A conversation is always better than words on a page. Let’s talk about what is on your mind and we can help you more deeply understand why Sales Xceleration has such market momentum. In truth, we are growing for two simple reasons. First, we are helping small to mid-size businesses that desperately need sales expertise. And secondly, we are matching those businesses with experts like you. It’s that simple.

Are you ready to talk and get your questions answered?