A New Beginning After All These Years?

Woman Sales VP Thinking About the Future
Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s only natural from time to time to reflect on where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished. If you’re a seasoned sales executive with a long career already behind you and a solid track record of success, you’ve probably got much to be proud of – and thankful for. In fact, maybe you’ve already accomplished virtually everything you set out to achieve. But now, at this stage of your life, is that still enough? Or do you find yourself wanting more, perhaps yearning for fresh challenges and opportunities while you still feel that fire to make a purposeful difference?

Even if you answered “yes” to this last question, however, it’s possible you have one more nagging question in mind: “After all these years moving in one direction, can I really make a fresh start?”

Well, speaking from experience, it’s not only possible, but might even be vital to your professional legacy. For many sales leaders like you, the time has never been better to make a purposeful pivot to your next act – and next chapter of success. Here are some factors to consider:

Starting Over Doesn’t Mean Starting from Scratch

In his book, Halftime, the late Bob Buford suggests that after a corporate career, leaders can move from “success to significance” in the second half of their professional lives. Many people, however, believe that creating a second half of significance means they must leave behind what they learned and accomplished in the first half. While it’s true that many new things can and should be applied in your next act, Buford wrote that, “Significance need not be a 180-degree course change. You can apply your gifts in ways that allow you to spend more time on things [that matter]. And do it in such a way as to reclaim the thrill of that first deal!” In other words, you can build new success on the foundation of your past successes!

Older Dog, Newer Tricks?

Yes, your past sales leadership success can be a springboard to future success as a sales leadership consultant. But it’s important to remember that in an ever-changing world, continual learning, along with application of current knowledge, is critical. One of the many things I love hearing from our Sales Xceleration Advisors who serve clients as sales leadership consultants is this: It is fun to learn again! While they have the answers they need from the perspective of sales leadership, they feel reinvigorated by learning how to apply what they know in new ways. They are energized by new ideas mixing with their wealth of knowledge as they break free of the same-old-same-old corporate role and serve smaller businesses who have a desperate need for their experience and expertise.

New Hopes and Dreams – Realized

Another thing our Advisors tell me is that their new beginning isn’t just about making their own dreams come true; it’s also about making a difference in people’s lives instead of chasing quarterly earnings. They find their significance as they work with passion and a renewed sense of purpose to help small to mid-sized businesses survive and thrive – just like Vance, in my book Hope Realized, who helps desperate business owner Steve find his path to success.

The Bottom Line:

You can find new direction in a time of reflection. You can find a second half of significance as you work with passion and purpose. You can make a difference for others in need of your sales leadership experience and expertise. How? By exploring the opportunity to become a sales leadership consultant. Remember this: It’s never too late for a fresh start. Never too late to realize your hopes and dreams. And never too late to make a difference. To learn more about the sales leadership consulting opportunity from Sales Xceleration, simply click here or contact us today at 844.874.7253.