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Use your proven sales leadership experience to help small to mid-size businesses achieve breakthrough sales growth. As a local Advisor, you will help your Clients build a sales engine and create record-breaking growth for their business.

We provide you with the tools and resources necessary to contract and guide local companies that need to outsource their sales leadership to get them on the right path.

As a result, businesses are able to save money, increase productivity and improve their ROI. Consider the rewarding experience of being a Sales Xceleration Advisor.

To navigate the sales landscape, it helps to journey with someone who has been there before. Sales Xceleration can help you find the right sales consultant job.

If you want to learn more about the path to becoming a Sales Consultant or Outsourced Sales VP, follow the buttons below.

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Advisor Testimonials

Hear from current Advisors on why they became an Outsourced VP of Sales with Sales Xceleration, what their experience was with training and onboarding and how they have guided Clients on a new path to success.


Kelly Crandall
Outsourced VP of Sales

“After 20 years of leading global sales organizations for multiple Fortune 50 companies around the world, I felt it was time to support my local business community. The Queen City of Charlotte has been a wonderful resource for my family, so it was my time to be a resource for her. Starting a consulting company was a first for me, so Sales Xceleration stepped in and gave me the comfort and confidence to build a successful business through detailed instruction, training, and a step-by-step proven curriculum developed by the Founders whom walked the path I am now on. I’m now not only blessed for this career decision, but this life decision.”


Dan Flaherty
Outsourced VP of Sales

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Sales Advisor Blogs

If you still want to discover more about what it is like to be an Outsourced VP of Sales, our blogs continue to help you think through the bigger picture. They share different perspectives and insights on why a Sales Consultant might be a perfect fit for the next step in your career.

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Top Sales Management Tips for More Accurate Sales Forecasting

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In a previous article, I noted that every business has a life cycle – from the initial concept through its ...
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How to Extend the Business Life Cycle for Longer Term Success

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Case Studies

See how and what our Advisors did to help drive revenue for their Clients.

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