Turning Thanks into Giving: How an Attitude of Gratitude Creates Career Altitude

Sales Leadership Consultant Leading a Sales Meeting
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Regardless of the time of year, it’s always good to focus on positives and reflect on your blessings. If you’re like me and have enjoyed a long career in sales leadership, you’ve got much to be thankful for. But even if you are at a point in your professional life where you are beginning to ask what’s next, I’ve got good news for you: it’s possible – essential, even – to turn an attitude of gratitude into new altitude – reaching even higher heights – in your next professional chapter. Better yet, you can “turn thanks into giving” as you build on your blessings and work with a profound sense of purpose to give back to business owners who crave your expertise. Here’s what I mean:

Experience (and Experiences) to be Thankful For

In your extensive career as a sales leader, you’ve amassed more than just a wealth of knowledge, more than just a toolbox of expertise, and more than just a multi-decade track record. You’ve enjoyed not just experience, but also experiences. I’m talking about the kinds of character-building moments and situations that created opportunities to grow and learn and serve. It was in these moments your problem-solving mettle was tested and your professional value was forged. You’ve taken on challenges and exceeded goals and expectations. You’ve found your voice, found your vision, found your calling. Sure, you’ve fallen short at times, but you also managed to learn from those situations and apply that learning to future successes.

Through it all – the meetings, the frustrations, the travel, the time away from home, the difficult customers and difficult bosses – you carried on and held your head high while somehow still keeping your nose to the grindstone.

In other words, you’ve built a sales leadership career to be proud of. But because of the way you’ve led your professional life, I have a feeling you also have the perspective necessary to look back with an attitude of gratitude. To find the blessings in your long career. But also, to want more – because you have more to give.

Giving Back by Moving Forward

After a long corporate career, many successful sales leaders seek a new kind of success in their next chapter, in their second half. They seek a way to build on their professional foundations and continue working – this time with a greater sense of purpose and using their passion to make a difference – but outside the corporate grind.

And certainly, many sales leaders have found a way to do just that. They’ve discovered how to turn their wealth of knowledge, their toolbox of expertise, their deep experience, and their character-building experiences, into a new opportunity. An opportunity to use what they’ve learned and build on their past success as they work with passion and purpose. And make a difference.

What so many sales leaders have discovered, you see, is that there is a huge market of small to mid-sized businesses who struggle every day to reach their sales and revenue targets. These businesses struggle to expand their pipelines or turn prospects into customers. They struggle, even, to put effective sales strategies and processes in place, let alone manage these strategies and processes.

That’s where you come in. By becoming a sales leadership consultant, you can serve these businesses. By working on a fractional time basis as an outsourced VP of Sales, you can put them on the path to record growth. By leveraging your corporate success and the years of experience (and experiences), you can turn thanks into giving as you work with purpose to give back to business owners who crave your expertise, find value in your wisdom, and are willing to pay well for it.

And that’s certainly something to be thankful for.

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