Sales Xceleration Advisor Kevin Shaughnessy – Giving Back to San Antonio Entrepreneurs

  • Sales Xceleration Team
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Sales Xceleration Advisor Kevin Shaughnessy recently presented to LiftFund’s Women’s Business Accelerator program in San Antonio, TX. During a special 2-hour sales clinic, Kevin identified the top 8 reasons why small- to medium businesses often don’t maximize their sales. Most importantly, he provided the solutions needed to overcome those issues, helping the attendees understand what actions to take to positively impact their sales organizations.

The objective of LiftFund’s 2-month Business Accelerator program is to help ten local entrepreneurs build their confidence, hone their business skills and position their companies for growth. The program consists of a combination of soft-skill presentations, group discussions, technical skill workshops and clinics.

liftfund3Keeping true to Sales Xceleration’s mission to help business owners realize their hopes, dreams and aspirations, Kevin was then paired with an attending entrepreneur and conducted a 1-hour review of her sales strategies and provided feedback as a mentor.

At Sales Xceleration, we are proud of the services we offer our clients through the creation of sales strategy, process and execution. However, we take even more pride in the fact that our Advisors are true servant leaders who give back to their communities. To learn more about who we are, what we do, and the problems we solve, click here.