Looking for a Lifeline? (Maybe YOU Are the Lifeline for Businesses in Need)

  • Harry Danz
Business Lifeline
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Well, who doesn’t, right? If you recall the classic TV quiz show, which has appeared off-and-on in many U.S. versions since 1999, one of its key features has been the “lifeline.” In many cases, a contestant’s lifeline involved getting help from someone else, via a “Phone a Friend” or “Ask the Expert” assist. Of course, a lifeline can also be a rescue device, like a rope thrown from a boat to someone who is adrift at sea.

Indeed, we all need a little help at times – whether it’s in the form of advice, guidance, or outright rescue – including in our professional lives when career tides shift and we feel rudderless, if not completely adrift.

But what if the professional lifeline you need in your sales leadership career can also help you BE the lifeline for others? What would that look like? Feel like? And how can you make it happen?

The Corporate Lifeline

Starting out in your corporate sales career, your early jobs might have seemed like lifelines; finally, you had a way to use what you were good at – selling – to make a better life for yourself and your family. With each accomplishment, your confidence grew. Maybe you stayed with that first company or maybe you moved up through the ranks by changing organizations; whatever the case, you gained experience, expertise, and a solid reputation for sales leadership. And whereas your corporate position once seemed like a lifeline to help you achieve your goals, suddenly it was a more equal partnership as you became a lifeline helping the company thrive, too.

But then what? At a certain point, the challenges that once drove and inspired you to excellence became mundane. You were still good at – actually, great at – your job, but more and more it felt like, well, just a job. Making matters worse was the fact that a new generation was climbing the corporate ladder while your career had plateaued.

The Lifeline You (and Others) Need is Yourself

With no new challenges and opportunities on the horizon, you probably began asking yourself, “What’s next? Am I stuck where I am? And if not, where do I go from here?” You’re not alone. Nearly all sales leadership professionals reach a point in their careers when they feel burned out, unchallenged, and undermotivated. They, like you, have wondered if there’s another path that offers reinvigoration and prosperity without throwing away everything they learned that got them where they are.

Meanwhile, owners of small and mid-size businesses are asking many of the same questions: “What’s next? Is the business stuck where it is – or going backwards? And if not, where does it go from here?”

Simply put, your yearnings for next-chapter success – and the experience and expertise you’ve gained during your corporate career – can be the lifeline that empowers you and the smaller business owner to reach your common goals. By leveraging your hard-earned sales leadership wisdom and record of accomplishments, you can take on the new and rewarding opportunity of becoming a sales leadership consultant. By acting as a fractional Outsourced VP of Sales for smaller organizations in your area, you can refuel your passion for sales, rediscover your purpose as a sales leader, and help struggling businesses re-ignite their prosperity with sustainable sales growth.

In other words, what you’ve learned and accomplished in your corporate career can be the lifeline to your next chapter of success and YOU can be the lifeline that empowers small and mid-size businesses to thrive again.

How can you make this happen? All it takes is one small step to get started. Contact Sales Xceleration today by clicking here or contacting us at 844.874.7253 to learn more about sales leadership consulting. Opportunities to meet the ever-expanding need are open in all markets. Consider this the lifeline you need to answer tough questions and clarify your choices as you navigate a rewarding future.