What Are You Passionate About? (And What Are You Doing About It?)

It’s not my work it’s my passion
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Are you consistently fueling your passion? Do you use your passion, in turn, to fuel your sense of purpose and make a difference – for yourself, your family, and others? Of course, before you can answer questions like these, you’ll need to identify what it is you are passionate about. Your list of passions can be long and they can be both personal and professional. But if you aren’t honoring them with your time and commitment, they will die on the vine and leave you feeling unfulfilled and full of regrets. So, let’s get moving! Let’s put your passions in motion! Here’s how to get started:

Just What is This “Passion Thing” Anyway?

Acknowledging your passion starts with paying attention to yourself! A passionate pursuit is one that typically brings a sense of joy. It is the kind of endeavor that you work hard and long at whenever you can because it doesn’t feel like work at all. Passion can make you procrastinate from doing things you care less about because you would rather spend your time learning, experimenting, and having fun with what you find more compelling and exhilarating. Taking that a step further, if you find yourself getting irritated by “real world” interruptions, that means you’re probably immersed in a passion project and enjoying being “in the zone.”

Passions can be both personal and professional. On the personal front, you might, for example, be passionate about your family, your friends, your community, your church, etc. It can be a hobby, too, or a talent you want to hone and take to the next level. Wherever your passion lies, you crave spending time there. And when you do find that time, it is delightful and relaxing (unfortunately, the time seems to pass too quickly).

On the professional side, passion can lead you to dedicate blood, sweat, and tears toward a goal. It can be a project you are deeply committed to and have gone “all in” on with your time and your talent, and with learning and leadership. Tasks not related to your passion project can have that similar irksome quality as personal passions – they irritate you because you are being drawn off course and forced to detour away from your chosen destination.

Regardless of whether your passion is personal or professional, it can lead to true fulfillment – especially if you can connect it with a sense of purpose.

Connecting to Purpose

As you grant yourself permission to explore your passions; and as you turn aptitude into expertise in your chosen pursuit, chances are you will forge a natural connection to your sense of purpose. Some might consider this revelation as a “calling.” Whatever name you give it, when you can work from that place of joy that is your passion and feel driven to navigate that irresistible path called purpose, you will likely find something else that eludes too many of us: fulfillment.

How Can You Put Purposeful Passion in Motion for an Even Greater Good?

So, what’s next? What else is possible? Can fulfillment be … even more fulfilling? It can if you are able to work with passionate purpose in a way that helps others. Certainly, if you can use your ever-developing skills, talents, and expertise to engage in servant leadership enriching the lives of others, you’ll reach a level of self-realization few even try to attain.

As with your passions, this next-level brand of fulfillment – where you truly make a difference for others – is possible in both your personal and professional lives. At home and in your community, for example, you can become a role model for positive change while doing nothing more than spending time doing what you love in the first place! And in your professional life, you can use existing skills, expertise, and purposeful passions to take on new challenges and opportunities – the kind that help others reach their critical goals.

The deep satisfaction and sense of fulfillment from making a difference for others is what Sales Xceleration’s licensed Advisors continue to achieve. Using their sales leadership skills and expertise, their professional passion and sense of purpose drive success for themselves, for their families, for their small to mid-sized business clients, and for the employees who count on those companies to survive and thrive.

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