What’s Your Superpower? (And How Are You Using It to Help Others?)

Businesswoman Superhero
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Are you a superhero? I realize that none of you are Superman, Batman, or any of the other superheroes, but in your own unique way you have superpowers you take for granted, powers that others admire you for – and need you for. Face it, everyone is good at something. In fact, most people are super at certain things and sometimes a great many things. But what sets superheroes apart from other competent, highly skilled, and accomplished individuals often lies in how they use their superpowers. For example, an otherwise commonplace talent or skill can become an extraordinary power when used for the good of others. This is true in most facets of life, and certainly true in business. And because sales strength lies at the heart of business success, sales leaders just might be unsung superheroes. What superpowers do these sales leadership superstars possess?

At Sales Xceleration, our licensed Advisors are sales leadership consultants who typically serve as outsourced VPs of Sales. They serve clients whose businesses teeter on the brink of failure and are often in dire need of rescue. These clients need the power of sales leadership to help avert imminent disaster and set a new course for success.

What superpowers do our fractional time sales leadership consultants engage as they rescue these struggling businesses? Here are some of the most common:

X-Ray Vision

It takes keen powers of observation to be a sales leader. But more than that, it takes clarity of vision and the ability to bring a powerful vision for sales direction into focus. Whether it be accurate sales forecasting, improved sales personnel, or a predictable sales process, our Advisors are able to see a better path to sales success. Their ability to see what others can’t see is often regarded as a critical superpower for sales leadership professionals.


Superheroes possess a personal strength of character with an unshakeable belief in the power of possibilities. Making those possibilities real, of course, requires strength in action. That strength includes not only the sales leader’s personal and professional fortitude, but also the wisdom for knowing when and how to deploy the right mix of powerful tools, systems, and resources.


Wisdom is more than merely a deep knowledge base. It’s also the acumen it takes to know how to use that knowledge in the right way to optimize sales results. It takes keen intellect, certainly, as well as the ability to learn quickly and apply these lessons correctly. This requires discernment: knowing what strategies and tools to use, when to use them, and when not to. This wisdom has typically been accumulated over 30+ years for each of our Advisors.

Laser focus

Top sales leaders work with a sense of purpose. They take on the tough challenges without blinking and keep their eyes on the prize as they maintain a steady aim at the right targets. They set their sights on a strategic course, reach their goals efficiently, and help others do the same.


Powerful sales leaders can be counted on to come in and save the day. They are dependable and accountable – and they expect the same from others. Each of our Advisors has been thoroughly vetted to make sure they have the educational, occupational and high integrity it takes to become part of Sales Xceleration.


Using their unique superpowers, these Advisors rise to the occasion by being exceptional leaders. They can envision success, chart a course, adapt as needed, and help others see what they see. Because they manifest solutions to the daunting problems that would keep others from moving forward, they are well-equipped to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. They lead with communication, too, making it possible for others in the sales organization to take initiative and achieve lofty sales goals.

The Bottom Line:

Do you recognize any of these superpowers in your own arsenal? Are they traits and skills you’ve used in your professional life at the corporate level? Can you see yourself applying them to serve small to mid-sized businesses in need of rescue? Our licensed Sales Xceleration Advisors have done just that. They’ve pivoted from frustration in the corporate world to working (and leading) with purpose as they serve struggling businesses using their X-ray vision, personal and professional power, wisdom, laser focus, dependability, and leadership.

We all have superpowers. But only superheroes use these powers for extraordinary good. Are you ready to use your powers for greater purpose? To learn more about becoming a fractional time sales leadership consultant with Sales Xceleration, click here or contact us today at 844.874.7253.