Five Reasons NOT to Become a Sales Leadership Consultant

Woman Sales Leader Leading Sales Team Training
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Sales executives who have spent long careers achieving success in the corporate world often reach the point where they ask the question, “What’s next?” As they explore options and consider their “second acts,” these sales leaders often take a closer look at the many benefits of becoming a sales leadership consultant. We’ve shared many times why it makes sense to consider this path. But what’s the flip side of this coin? Are there reasons to NOT become a sales leadership consultant? Let’s take a look:

You Feel Secure in the Corporate World (No Matter How Old You Are)

Maybe working as a sales management and sales leadership professional in the corporate world is all you know. You’ve spent decades there. Despite the high levels of stress you often feel, corporate life is still your comfort zone. Even if you are starting to feel a little uneasy about those in younger generations rising on the corporate ladder while you seem stuck, you’re confident you’ll be respected. After all, you’re an experienced senior voice of wisdom who can mentor this new breed. All they have to do is ask. Oh, and that merger on the horizon? It surely won’t impact you, right? They’ll surely need a link to the past. Won’t they?

You Enjoy Traveling and Spending Much of Your Life “On the Road”

Whether you’ve racked up significant “windshield time” or “frequent flyer miles” over the years, let’s face it – you’ve got this traveling thing down! You know the best hotels with the best perks and amenities, the quietest floors, and the cleanest rooms. You know the airline schedules like the back of your hand. You know how to pack light and how to reach your destination just in time to call home and tell your family good night. Best of all, traveling lets you see places you might not otherwise get to – like hotel conference rooms and airport gates and the back end of traffic jams. Traveling is great, right?

You Don’t Feel the Need to Spend More Time at Home

Because you enjoy traveling and all its benefits, you feel less guilt about spending so much time away from home, away from family, away from friends and community events and, well, away from your own bed. Maybe you find the company of strangers exhilarating and more important than time with loved ones. Home can be wherever you hang your hat, right? So, which city are you in right now? Which city will you consider your home tonight? Don’t worry; it’s only natural to forget sometimes.

You Don’t Feel a Need to Help Others

Working in the corporate world, you’ve certainly had your share of successes, probably landing large deals and boosting the company’s bottom line for its shareholders. You’ve put food on your table and kept a roof over your head. Good job! But the truth is, you’ve probably not experienced a strong and direct connection to others positively impacted by your hard work. The corporate structure has insulated you, keeping you focused on closing the next deal instead of connecting you to the people and their families who benefit from your efforts. That keeps things clean and simple, doesn’t it? If you prefer it that way, then sales leadership consulting – where strong connections are made and your influence matters – probably isn’t for you.

You are Content to Rest on Your Laurels

Maybe you’ve reached the point in your sales leadership career where you feel you’ve had enough success. You’re content to look back at your accomplishments instead of looking forward with eager anticipation to new challenges. Perhaps you’re simply tired and you’ll be happy to do less even if that means having less to be proud of in the future. So, if looking back is a stronger compulsion than looking forward, go ahead and rest on your laurels. You’ve done a lot; maybe you’ve done enough. It’s your call.


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