Two of RISE Sports Advisors Clients Invest in Sales Xceleration®

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February 23, 2022The multi-family office, RISE Sports Advisors, lands their clients, D’Wayne Eskridge and Jaylon Smith, an investment opportunity with Sales Xceleration®. Sales Xceleration is the market leader in fractional sales leadership services for small to midsize businesses, helping take their sales function to the next level.

The Firefly Group (Firefly), a partner company of Sales Xceleration, has worked with RISE since 2016, when Firefly co-founder, Derrick Smith became a RISE Advisor. “We’re excited to have RISE join us on the journey with Sales Xceleration,” said Derrick Smith. “I’ve always been a big believer in the mission of RISE and the quality of the people involved.”

“As a 24-year-old finishing my first year in the NFL, Sales Xceleration is an excellent addition to my portfolio as my first official business investment,” said Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D’Wayne Eskridge. “RISE introduces me to unique deals, and I know this investment will benefit my family and me in the long term.”

While the bulk of the capital was provided by institutional investors (Concentric Investment Partners and New Canaan Funding), Firefly opened a small portion for high-net-worth individuals interested in investing in unique opportunities that significantly impact the entrepreneurial community. Given the long-standing relationship between RISE and Firefly, this opportunity aligned well with RISE clienteles’ interest.

“We have carefully built an exclusive network at RISE to provide our clients with unique deal flow from trusted sponsors/management teams,” stated CEO of RISE Sports Advisors Michael Ledo. “Relationships like Firefly give our athletes the option to invest with the best in specific industry sectors.”

RISE is proud to offer exclusive alternative deal flows to their clients and will continue to keep their clients’ growth on track and investments secure.

RISE Sports Advisors, Dallas, TX

  • Athlete Enterprise Office, designed for athlete entrepreneurs
    • Legacy Strategy: customized plans to support the athlete entrepreneur’s ambitions, passion, and interest off the field of play
    • Exclusive Network Access: business mentorship, advisory, and deal flow
    • Accelerated Wealth Creation & Protection: CFO solutions and integrated family office services

The Firefly Group, Indianapolis, IN & St. Louis, MO

  • Proven track record of partnering with outstanding leadership teams to help people and companies reach their full potential.
  • Sales Xceleration complements Firefly’s other platform investment in EOS Worldwide, which also serves entrepreneurial businesses through an investment strategy Firefly calls The Entrepreneurial Toolkit™, which aims to support small to midsize companies attract and retain talent.
  • Current Firefly Partner Companies – Dealers Wholesale, Express Medical Transporters, EOS Worldwide, KIHM Metal Technologies, and Sales Xceleration.

Sales Xceleration, Indianapolis, IN

  • Largest Fractional VP of Sales network in the world and has generated over $1.5B in client revenue growth.
  • Standing as an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company for three years (2019-2021).