Great Sales Organizations Are Made – Learn to be Sales Driven

  • Sales Xceleration Team
Michael Wills Speaking
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Sales Xceleration Advisor Michael Wills delivers strategic and tactical advice to Ft. Lauderdale area business owners. 

Sales Xceleration Advisor Michael Wills recently presented an educational seminar to business owners in the Fort Lauderdale area on the topic of sales management. Business owners desiring to attain the next level of sales growth, but not knowing how to do so, were enlightened by Michael’s insight. “I was very pleased to attend Michael’s recent educational seminar ‘Great Sales Organizations Are Made – Learn to be Sales Driven.’ His presentation was concise and impactful – as evidenced by the lively Q&A at its end. Several great insights were realized and I came away with some great takeaways,” stated Debbie Wemyss, President of DW Consulting Solutions.

Mark Tietbohl of Growth Strategy Advisors added, “There are many effective sales trainers working in the field today, but there are very few that successfully speak to sales management. This is the focus of Michael Wills’ practice, a focus that he delivers on from both a tactical and a strategic perspective. His knowledge is especially critical for that mid-sized business that needs to get to the next level of growth, but may not be exactly sure what are the next best steps.”

Michael leverages his extensive experience and high achievement in sales and sales leadership by partnering with small to medium-cap business owners to transform their companies from product or solution focused into “sales-driven” companies – more strategic and systematic, achieving consistent and sustainable revenue growth.

Click here to learn more about Michael and how he can help your business grow in today’s competitive market, or reach out to him at 678-549-8834.