In-person vs. Virtual Onboarding: Which is Best for your Team?

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Leader and employee shaking hands
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When the world largely shifted to remote work as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, almost no one could anticipate all of the changes the shift would bring. One of the biggest changes occurred in onboarding. Now that a growing number of companies across the globe are fully remote and businesses are hoping to increase new hire productivity, it’s critical to have an established onboarding process for new employees.

Whether in-person or virtual, entrepreneurs at all levels must think holistically through the new-hire experience. No matter what, the path we take must be easy for the new employee to understand. The last thing we want is to leave our new hires guessing “what’s next” — especially in this new frontier of remote work.

To build that level of trust and transparency, it’s important to create a comprehensive onboarding plan and know which type of onboarding experience maximizes productivity, furthers cross-communication, and helps to reduce the risk of turnover. After all, you wouldn’t want to bring on a new hire only to lose them in onboarding.