How Successfully Are You Managing Your Work/Life Balance?

Young woman working remotely from home on laptop
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The COVID-19 pandemic brought seismic changes to our lives; and even though so many of these changes were bad – catastrophic even – there were some silver linings to be found. Take work lives and working environments, for example. While workers in certain sectors may have continued on with business as usual, many corporate professionals experienced a radical change in their workplace: they began working from home.

Suddenly, their commute was down to seconds rather than minutes or hours. Their officemates were no longer peers and professional colleagues in offices and cubicles; they were now family members and pets! Oh sure, they still had meetings, but these were now done remotely – still face-to-face, but situated at computer screens instead of a conference room table.

At first it was odd and confusing and challenging. But we (yes, here at Sales Xceleration, we were in the same situation) adapted to this new way of working, this “new normal.” And even though there were aspects we grew to enjoy, a danger lurked!

The Pros and Cons of Remote Work

Forced to work from home, we found there were aspects we actually liked. Being around our families more, for instance. And having that short commute down the hallway instead of across town. And being able to spend that formerly unproductive commute time being more productive both professionally and personally. For many of us, this led to a sense that our work/life balance was finally in a better place!

But we encountered a danger, too. As we embraced this new remote working-from-home reality, the lines blurred between home time and work time. Where you might once have been able to use that commute from office to home to decompress, now your office followed you from room to room, moment to moment, all day long – if you let it. And suddenly, just as you had figured out how to compartmentalize things, it all began to change once more…

A New “New Normal”?

What about now? Are you transitioning back to an office environment full-time? Or maybe you are working a hybrid schedule – working remotely a couple of days a week and in the office the rest of the time. Are you ready to adapt again? To go back on the road? To spend more time away from family once more, forced to reestablish the hard lines between work, family, and relaxation?

Balance Requires Support

The shifting work landscape certainly makes it difficult to find your footing. It helps, however, if you have solid support beneath you. Do you have a great support system in both your personal and professional lives? Do you have family, friends, colleagues, and even clients who have your back and help you succeed? What about tools and resources and systems and strategies you can count on to make your job (and your life) easier? Work/life balance requires hard work, compromise, and sometimes sacrifice, but it all gets easier if you have support systems in place.

The Bottom Line:

At Sales Xceleration, our team of licensed Advisors – who often serve local clients as fractional Outsourced VPs of Sales – have been where you are. They’ve put in the years of hard work and dedication, gaining not just experience, but also the expertise and wisdom small to mid-sized businesses desperately need to get their companies on solid footing for sustainable success. Like you, they’ve spent years on the road but have learned that their heart lies closer to home, where they can enjoy greater work/life balance. And they have benefited from the support systems – tools, resources, community of fellow Advisors, and proven strategies and processes – Sales Xceleration provides that keep their outsourced sales leadership practice in balance and on solid ground.

If you’d like to learn more about sales leadership consulting with Sales Xceleration, click here or contact us at 844.874.7253. Opportunities are available in all markets, and the time has never been better to let us help you get your work and your life in balance.