Medical Equipment Healthcare: Improving Sales Infrastructure for Long-Term Success

Company Profile

Endocorp is medical equipment parts supplier and repair company known for its quality parts and reliable repair services. Despite its success, they identified a critical gap in their sales strategy – the need for a dedicated VP of Sales to drive new business development while nurturing existing client relationships.

Improving Sales Infrastructure for Long-Term Success

Sales Success Snapshot

Collaboration Between Two Sales Xceleration Advisors

Provided a "2 for 1" experience, doubling the insights and expertise available to Endocorp

Commitment to Sales Infrastructure Engagement Before Hiring a VP of Sales

Ensured the new hire stepped into a solid sales foundation that is well-organized and ready to scale

Hired a Full-Time VP of Sales

Identified with the help of Amplify Recruiting, they became a standout performer from day one


Najeeb Haddad, President and CEO of Endocorp, needed a full-time VP of Sales to manage his sales department.

The sales team mainly concentrated on existing accounts, neglecting new business prospects. This imbalance was stunting potential growth and limiting the company’s market expansion.

Compounding the issue was the internal struggle of managing the sales department without a full-time VP of Sales, leading them to the realization that the sales strategy needed a comprehensive overhaul from top to bottom.

Solutions Strategy

Endocorp reached out to Amplify Recruiting, a sales recruiting firm operating as a wholly owned subsidiary under Sales Xceleration, in search of a full-time VP of Sales.

Seeing they may need more than just a new sales leader, Amplify Recruiting recommended they schedule a call with a Sales Xceleration Advisor for further insight. This initial interaction set the stage for a thorough discovery process, which highlighted the need for a comprehensive sales infrastructure before hiring a new VP of Sales.

Enlisting the Help of a Sales Xceleration Advisor
Amplify Recruiting recommended that Endocorp should initiate a conversation with a Sales Xceleration Advisor.

Thorough Discovery
The Sales Xceleration Advisor conducted an in-depth discovery process to understand the intricacies of the sales organization. This led to the recommendation of a Sales Infrastructure engagement.

Sales Infrastructure Engagement
Endocorp committed to an engagement focused on building the right sales infrastructure. This included refining processes, strategies, and tools to ensure the sales organization was ready for a new full-time VP of Sales.

Collaboration with a 2nd Sales Xceleration Advisor
By partnering with another Sales Xceleration Advisor, Najeeb felt he was getting a “2 for 1” experience, enhancing the overall value and expertise brought to the table.

Hiring a Full-Time VP of Sales
With the help of Amplify Recruiting, they hired a top-tier candidate who seamlessly integrated into the fundamentally sound sales organization.


With the help of two Sales Xceleration Advisors and Amplify Recruiting, Endocorp not only found the perfect VP of Sales but also ensured their sales infrastructure was fundamentally sound, leading to significant improvements in their sales strategy and performance.

Utilizing an Outsourced Vice President of Sales (OVPS) and Sales Xceleration's In-House Recruiting Company

The partnership between Sales Xceleration and Amplify Recruiting demonstrates the profound impact that strategic collaboration and expert guidance can have on overcoming business challenges. By addressing the fundamental issues within the sales infrastructure and securing a talented VP of Sales, Endocorp is now well-positioned for sustained growth and success.


The success story of Endocorp is best encapsulated in the glowing testimonial from the President and CEO, Najeeb Haddad:

Whether your business is experiencing a decline or growth, I highly recommend consulting Patrick & Scott. They exceeded my expectations and can help you achieve your business goals.

This resounding endorsement highlights the substantial impact our Outsourced VP of Sales had on the company’s culture and growth trajectory.

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