Healthcare Consulting: Driving Growth Through Effective Strategy, Execution, and Training

Executive Summary

In business for twenty-five years with fifteen employees, a consulting firm providing high-level strategy and management products to a wide variety of healthcare companies was struggling to drive sales results for their client engagements in both the market segments they serve: 1) foreign companies without a U.S. footprint, and 2) companies with a division failing in a specific  healthcare market. The firm was unable to bridge the gap between developing a strong strategy and driving sales results for clients, and hired a Sales Consultant multiple times to drive revenue after the strategy was developed.

The Big Win

The consulting firm had an Outsourced VP of Sales come in on three different client engagements to take the handoff from “strategy” to “growth” to drive the sales process to effectively grow.

Consulting Case Study




Our Consultant helped us show the results of the strategic sales efforts and that became a reality in our profit and loss (P/L) statement with an 8% increase in profitability and 45% increase in topline revenue.


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