Born2Invest – Why the Remote Work Revolution Should Squash the Stigma Surrounding ‘Part-Time’ Leaders

The Work From Home Stigma is Changing
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Before the pandemic, it would have been difficult to imagine that some companies would completely shift from in-office setups to remote work in a matter of months. Few people would have believed entire industries would be able to move online or that businesses could so quickly pivot their operational models to work in a remote, quarantined world. This workplace transformation accomplished in six months what could have easily taken six years or more — it also demonstrated the importance of business flexibility.

Many of my company’s clients assumed they couldn’t manage their sales teams remotely and that they couldn’t sell virtually in an effective manner. As is the case with most assumptions, they weren’t validated; they were the “head trash” that comes with guessing what is and isn’t possible before actually testing beliefs. People still have needs during pandemics and recessions, and the presentation and delivery of solutions to those needs must be virtual.