Why Sales Trainers Don’t Understand Your Business and How it Detours Sales Planning – Part 1 of Our Series on “Why Sales Training Isn’t Enough”


A sales trainer has delivered a very compelling pitch to you, but your gut says their sales training techniques aren’t going to stop your declining sales revenue. The trainer didn’t even ask any questions about your business … and that’s a red flag. You’ve utilized sales trainers in the past to help your sales team close faster and overcome objections quicker, but the results were disappointing. While your sales team “loved” the training and left the session feeling enthused and recharged, sales didn’t increase in the short or long term.

So, if what you’re really trying to do is jump start your sales revenue in ways that will stimulate and sustain sales momentum, don’t start with sales training – you’re wasting valuable time and money, and increasing the likelihood that your business will become obsolete in the next few years.

Increased client sophistication and access to knowledge, and savvy competitors, have made “traditional selling” techniques such as stand-alone sales training, a thing of the past. Salespeople who are armed with “sales training techniques” provide no value to their prospects.

If sales training programs are unnecessary noise, what should you do to solve your stalled or declining sales?

Instead of looking at a band aid method (sales training) and a canned approach to selling – dig deeper.  Sales trainers aren’t paid – and oftentimes not even qualified – to understand and speak to corporate strategy, sales strategy, and the target client’s strategy. Many sales trainers are using the same content and techniques that they’ve used for years, regardless of changing times. Because today’s selling environment is constantly evolving, your company needs to have a current and solid plan for sales strategy, process and execution. That plan must be designed and implemented by an experienced sales leader who can see the road ahead – a leader who understands how to track the effectiveness of the plan and to adjust as needed. A leader who can set KPIs and sales goals that are realistic and that will lead to sales growth.

One in three sales lost today are due to a simple lack of sales preparation. And if your sales are declining, it’s time to invest in the right strategy to properly arm your sales team to make meaningful connections with leads and customers. The modern practices of sales enablement go much deeper than sales training, and when your company’s sales are down, you don’t need advice, you need results. At Sales Xceleration, we help you DO the things other consultants only recommend.

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