Sales Management Consulting: The Career Gift That Keeps Giving


It may be more blessed to give than to receive, but what if you can be both the giver and the receiver of the same gift? And what if that gift improves your life and helps you realize your purpose? I’ve been blessed to not only experience this type of gift myself but also to help others do the same as they serve others needing their expertise. You see, when you become an outsourced sales manager, you can enjoy the benefits of using your hard-earned sales management knowledge and sales leadership skills all while serving an eager – and appreciative – market of small and medium-sized businesses. I like to think of it as the gift that keeps on giving. Here’s why:


The Gift of Family

One of the great challenges of being a corporate sales professional is making the sacrifice of time away from family. Whether you have been a salesperson logging many miles of overnight travel, or a Sales Manager spread thin by monitoring, managing and mentoring a busy sales team, your family has surely missed your presence – a lot.

And for those who rationalize the absences by saying their family time is “quality” time, I think you aren’t looking at it from your family’s perspective.. Doesn’t your family deserve both quality and quantity? Wouldn’t you rather be home nearly every night? Wouldn’t you prefer to be there for the school programs and the high school playoff games and the dance recitals – whether it’s for your kids or your grandkids? Make no mistake: the quality of your time is certainly important, but the quantity of time you spend with your family matters just as much. And outsourced sales management consulting provides that opportunity.


The Gift of Growing

Chances are you reached a point in your corporate sales career when you felt stagnated. You felt unchallenged. You were going through the motions. Bored. In a sales management consulting career, you will find new challenges that create opportunities to do more than merely apply what you already know – you find that you are learning again! Discovering again. Stretching yourself. Growing!


Having all the answers is boring; seeking new answers and applying new solutions is exciting and fulfilling.


The Gift of Knowing

Too many people in too many walks of life live – and die – with regret. They wind up wondering “What if…?” and lamenting roads not taken, paths not explored, waters not tested. But if you dare to be different and take a chance on yourself, you could end up doing what you love, pursuing your purpose and finding fulfillment. It worked for me as an outsourced sales manager. I believe it could work for you, too.


The Gift of Respect

As an outsourced sales manager, you will be in service to organizations with an aching need: fractional-time sales management expertise to help improve sales department operations, increase sales, boost revenue, and maybe, just maybe, save the company! That kind of service not only helps you feel fulfilled; it also earns you the gratitude and respect of the business owner. And a grateful business owner who is your biggest fan can be an excellent source for referrals to others with a similar need.


The Gift of Purpose

Losing that sense of stagnation, pursuing your passion, serving others and helping organizations find new levels of success are powerful things. As so many of our licensed Advisors at Sales Xceleration have discovered, these things also add up to the realization of your purpose. And there can be few things more satisfying and gratifying than serving others within the realm of your calling.


The Gift of Making a Difference

Ultimately, the greatest gift of serving as an outsourced sales manager could be knowing that you are making a real difference in people’s lives. From the business owner to sales team members to other staff throughout the organization, you will know that you are instrumental in helping the business survive and employee families thrive.


Bottom Line:

A career in sales management consulting can be financially rewarding and deeply fulfilling. As a sales management consultant or outsourced VP of Sales, you can help businesses find new levels of success while helping individual performers reach their potential. You will be challenged, you will grow, you will help others, and you just might find your calling.

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