New Investment Sales Analysis Service Empowers Business Investors, Owners and Advisors

Investment Sales Analysis

With our recent release of the new Investment Sales Analysis (ISA) service, Sales Xceleration continues to expand its range of services that help small- to medium-sized businesses grow and scale through their lifecycles. The ISA provides an in-depth sales due diligence analysis that helps business owners and investors make profit-aligned decisions when buying or selling a company. It also provides our growing team of Advisors a new tool to serve these business owners and investors.

Here’s how the Investment Sales Analysis provides valuable insights for empowered decision-making:

With the Investment Sales Analysis from Sales Xceleration, clients gain key insights concerning the true state of a company’s sales infrastructure and resources, and how capable it is to grow at the desired pace. The ISA helps investors and business owners assess key sales infrastructure areas such as sales personnel, predictive pipeline revenue and market validity. As a result, this analysis discloses how exposed a business is to experience leading or lagging sales growth over time. This can be beneficial when selling or buying a business.


For Investors and Owners SELLING a Business

Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis gives investors the insights and data to build an appropriate exit plan and go-to-market strategy when selling their business – at the right time, for the right price.

Based on the outcomes of the ISA or an On-Site Sales Discovery, many investors decide to move forward with a Genesis Sales Plan to demonstrate stronger sales and scalability, which results in a stronger negotiation position and higher return for their business.


For Investors BUYING a Business

Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis works as an add-on due diligence process for private equity (PE), and independent investors. The ISA further distinguishes the current and projected value of a business relative to the current customer base, sales infrastructure, and scalability.

After acquiring a business, investors often engage Sales Xceleration to implement a Genesis Sales Plan or Outsourced VP of Sales service to ensure a proven, sustainable sales model is implemented to realize the expected future revenue.


An Important New Tool for Advisors

The Investment Sales Analysis service from Sales Xceleration is made even more effective because it is conducted by our highly skilled and deeply experienced licensed Advisors. Based on access to key personnel and data within an organization, our Advisors are uniquely equipped to use the due-diligence tool to evaluate and report on 16 critical sales drivers. These drivers take a “deep dive” look into four categories, including: Sales Infrastructure, Sales Process, Sales Support and Sales Organizational Systems

The resulting detailed analysis can provide essential insights needed to create more predictable, revenue-aligned decisions. Advisors can then partner with owners and investors to create and execute an actionable sales plan that positions a company in an ideal selling state. For business owners wanting to boost the value of their business for future sale, the Advisor can utilize the ISA to pinpoint areas of sales infrastructure that need shoring up. For investors, the Advisor can utilize the ISA to execute due diligence investigations to identify sales infrastructure areas that might appear to be solid, but have hidden weaknesses that could affect future profitability. After the business is sold, the Advisor can implement sales process improvements to improve the revenue position of the company.


The Bottom Line:

At Sales Xceleration, we never stop listening, learning, innovating, and arming our Advisors with the tools and resources they need to serve small- to medium-sized businesses throughout their life cycles. The new Investment Sales Analysis service is an industry-first, one-of-a-kind tool that empowers business owners and investors to make better decisions for enhanced profitability. To learn more about the ISA, click here. To find your nearest Sales Xceleration Advisor, click here. Or simply call us at 844.874.7253 to learn more.