Thriving with Outsourced Sales Leadership

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Outsourced sales leader meeting with team to help on a fractional basis
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Outsourced sales leadership has become a game-changer for many organizations, offering a fresh perspective and expertise that can dramatically improve sales outcomes. According to the Sales Management Association, organizations with high-quality sales coaching, like the kind provided by top-tier outsourced leaders, can increase sales performance by up to 20%. Moreover, a study by the Harvard Business Review revealed that companies leveraging outsourced sales strategies reported an average of 30% higher customer retention rates.

These statistics underscore how sales leadership can be the force behind a successful sales strategy and execution and can ultimately be the driver of business growth. True sales leaders begin by setting the vision for the sales team, building robust sales processes, and creating accountability metrics for the whole team. Yet not all organizations have the means or skills internally to take on these tasks effectively. This is where the benefits of outsourcing sales leadership shine bright.

Outsourcing sales leadership can provide seasoned expertise, drive sales transformation, and inject vibrant new approaches without the commitment of a full-time executive.

Success Story 1: A Technology Company

A Power Industry Data and Analytics company in the midst of re-organizing and growing its sales team was in transition between permanent sales leaders. While focusing on raising capital, they needed someone to maintain their company’s sales momentum and provide an operating cadence for the team.

After outsourcing their sales leadership to a seasoned professional, the transformation began. Sales Xceleration’s Outsourced VP of Sales “…helped build the sales team from the ground up, and he established the systems, processes, and metrics that helped the team and company grow.”

The result? This technology company achieved record-breaking revenues over an 8-month tenure with an increase of 88% vs. the prior year.

Success Story 2: A Manufacturing Company

A Calibration company, in business for twelve years, was facing declining sales, as well as a lack of internal processes and communication. They needed someone who could realign their sales strategy to modern demands.

“Hiring a [Sales Xceleration] Outsourced VP of Sales to determine how to overcome a variety of obstacles we were facing internally to turnaround declining sales revenue enabled me to pull my head out of the sand. I am truly excited about work again for the first time since the very beginning of the company.”

The Manufacturing company reported an increase of 12% in new business (and increased margins) within 90 days of working with their seasoned sales leader.

Graphic for Outsourced Sales Leadership including statistics to showcase positive results

Success Story 3: A Marketing Company

This promotional marketing company came from a place of broken processes. Their sales funnel was not consistent, and conversions were low. They required someone not just with expertise, but with the tenacity to fix deep-rooted problems.

They hired a Sales Xceleration Outsourced VP of Sales, who embarked on a mission, which is best summed up by the client: “I have gotten more from Sales Xceleration’s Fractional Sales Leader than I have ever gotten from a full-time sales leader.”

With the help of this certified sales leader, the marketing company was able to grow revenue more than 100%.

The Bottom Line

Through these narratives, a common theme emerges: outsourced sales leadership can revitalize, reinvent, and recharge a sales organization. These success stories showcase not only improved numbers but reinvented cultures and processes that set the foundation for sustainable growth.

If your company faces sales challenges that seem insurmountable, remember these successful outsourcing examples. Think about how an outsourced sales leader could redefine your trajectory.

Are you ready to elevate your sales game? To learn more about Sales Xceleration’s network of Sales Leadership Consultants and their success stories, read our Case Studies, view Client Testimonials, and Find an Outsourced VP of Sales in your area today.