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Are you experiencing any of the following common sales issues?

  • Inability to take sales “to the next level”
  • Difficulty finding the “right” salesperson for your company
  • Not sure where to start – “I don’t know what I don’t know”
  • Lack of a formal sales process
  • Stalled out proposals
  • Not being able to effectively articulate the value proposition, solution or service

Great companies deserve a great plan.

You have developed incredible offerings. You have solid leadership in place. Yet, you still need some help improving your sales productivity.

Let the Genesis Sales Plan by Sales Xceleration provide you with the structure and key personnel needed to surpass your goals.

What’s Included in a Genesis Sales Plan:

Sales Strategy

  • Tactical action plan
  • Updated sales organizational chart
  • Sales goals and quotas
  • Customer attrition and margin calculators
  • Multi-year revenue forecast

Sales Process

  • Job responsibilities for each team member
  • Questions to ask at each sales stage
  • Requirements to move to next sales stage
  • Key objectives at each sales stage
  • Defined sales stages (integrated into CRM)

Sales Management

  • Sales and activity templates and tools
  • Implementation of customized sales force automation (CRM)
  • Sales metrics needed to achieve revenue goals
  • Sales forecasting tools
  • Customized pipeline management tools

Hiring Plan

  • One-year salesperson onboarding plan
  • Commission calculators
  • Customized compensation plans
  • Job descriptions
  • Execution of sales personnel hiring

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How We Build You A Path to More Sales:

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Learn how the Genesis Sales Plan will build and enhance your sales team and processes and drive growth.

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