Outsourced VP of Sales

We do the work for you!

Need help improving your sales? Let an experienced VP of Sales take on all the work involved with running your sales team. We do the following:

Increase sales and profit margin

Build the plan, processes and team

Run sales, while you run your business

Do you know how to effectively hire and manage a sales team?

Do you have a documented sales plan?

Do you know how to hire and manage an effective sales team?

Is managing your sales team the best use of your time?

Do you have the right tools and processes to drive and sustain sales growth?

An Outsourced VP of Sales can help turn your sales around.

Client Testimonials

“I had a great experience working with Kevin as an OVPS and would recommend him as a consultant to your business if you are looking to build, redesign or optimize your sales function. Kevin worked closely with me and my team for three months building an outbound function which included sourcing and hiring, developing a lead generation strategy, creating comp plans and documenting the sales process. Kevin on-boarded quickly and was able to develop strong working relationship with my team which in turn allowed us to move fast. I also liked that Kevin had access to a network of sales consultants that he used to help us with a couple of different needs. Well done, Kevin!”

Paul Salisbury, CEO
Moki Mobility

John and I worked together on an engagement at The Ulven Companies where I was tasked with turnaround/family transition. I brought John in as an Interim VP of Sales. The sales group was struggling and their “processes” consisted of relying solely on charisma and legacy relationships. John brought in the structure and strategy the group needed to be successful! He was different from other consultants in that he took full ownership right away, including pushing back on other executives and company owners. John didn’t simply bring a canned process for everyone to follow; he selected tools and techniques that suited our unique situation. John’s efforts were key in our turnaround of the company. This quote is telling… I asked a member of the sales team about John and they replied “We can do our day-to-day job without John, but I can see now that we could have never really improved without him helping us with fundamental changes.”

Ian Itschner, Interim CEO
The Ulven Companies

You should have an expert on your side.

Need help improving your sales? Let an Outsourced VP of Sales manage the weekly sales activities, as well as your team, so you can focus on your business. We take on all the work involved with running your sales team, including: hiring, training, leading weekly sales meetings, creating compensation plans, setting metrics, holding the team accountable and much, much more.

A customized engagement typically looks like:

  • Developing a sales strategy
  • Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training your sales force
  • Creating and executing a sales plan focused on growth
  • Reporting on and analyzing sales performance
  • Building compensation plans that deliver results
  • Holding the sales team accountable – weekly team meetings, coaching, ride-alongs, training, corrective action plans
  • Selecting, customizing and fully leveraging a CRM
  • Developing best practices for sales
  • And more…

Our 3 Step Process:


In the first 30 days, your Outsourced VP of Sales will assess the current state of your sales team and processes, develop the strategy and create a plan.


Your Outsourced VP of Sales will execute the plan by building processes, implementing tools and managing and holding the team accountable.


At conclusion of engagement, the Outsourced VP of Sales will have delivered a team and processes to drive your business forward, and will continue to do so with significant revenue growth.

We take the time to listen and learn about your unique needs. We develop a custom plan that puts a structure and system in place, and then manage it until you can hire a Sales Leader. Based on your needs, the amount of involvement and cost varies. The engagement typically lasts a year. We offer a no-obligation assessment that allows us to build a proposal to fit your organization. Contact us today to start the process of hiring your new Outsourced VP of Sales to drive growth.