Stagnant Sales? Sales Xceleration Enters New Markets – Offers Solutions to Business Owners

  • Sales Xceleration Team
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Sales Xceleration continues to expand its national footprint in response to the needs of local business owners across the country. Meet our newest team members:

Chris Goade lives in Dallas, Texas. Chris has extensive sales and operational experience with large, midsized and small corporations, with a proven track record in each. He has spent his 30-year career helping organizations grow through diligent efforts in sales, marketing, acquisitions, product development and distribution. You can learn more about Chris here.

Susan Tourville resides in the Appleton/Green Bay, Wisconsin area. Susan’s diversified expertise in sales, marketing, operations and finance enables her to conceptualize, plan-out and effectively deliver on growth initiatives. Susan has consistently demonstrated outstanding sales results with pinpoint accuracy on execution. She is a dynamic leader who thrives in a fast-paced changing environment. You can learn more about Susan here.

Sales Xceleration Advisors are much more than just “sales managers.” They are the best and brightest in their field – seasoned professionals who are former Vice Presidents of Sales at successful companies. They provide small to medium size enterprises with the leadership, vision and skills of Fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost. But better yet, they do far more than just consult and hand over a report. They are builders who roll up their sleeves alongside business owners to implement custom solutions to generate maximum revenue. They build the proper sales foundation to allow business owners to enjoy continued sales growth for years to come.