Sales Xceleration Spotlight — October 2013

  • Sales Xceleration Team
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Wouldn’t it be great if, in addition to catching your own fish, someone threw fish into your boat?  It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?  That is essentially what Sales Xceleration launched this month!

Before we discuss our new launch, let’s review what Sales Xceleration currently offers:

Sales Xceleration utilizes a proven six-prong approach to identify key referral partners in order to gain the audience of small business CEO’s.  This approach dramatically shortens sales cycles and generates revenue quickly.  We cover these core practices during our two-day training class, which kicks off a new Advisor’s practice.  Following these proven methods allows an Advisor to significantly grow revenue without cold calling or random marketing to prospects. Simply put, you’ll find that these low conversion methods aren’t necessary any more.

The methods taught in our training class teach Advisors to find “fish,” but our newly launched program will “throw fish into your boat.”  Are you interested in learning more about how we help clients find you?  Or how we provide you with more revenue than you would bring in on your own?

Recently, we launched an organic approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a national and local basis.  This new strategy promotes the Sales Xceleration brand and it creates more leads for our Advisors.

Here is how it works.  First, Sales Xceleration creates multiple webpages for each Advisor, which when optimized, drive traffic.  Prospective clients who are looking for solutions to their sales issues now find you!  We use tracking software to track the effectiveness of each campaign, in addition to utilizing Google Ads to increase traffic.  Second, we utilize many of the same methods nationally to increase Sales Xceleration‘s overall brand awareness.  We make sure the key words that a prospective client might use to search for sales resources will point to Sales Xceleration.  Prospective clients are directed to, where they can search by zip code to find the nearest Advisor.  We want to make sure that every Advisor in every state receives the benefit of a national campaign, as well as a focused strategy in their own backyard.

This exciting new launch provides each Advisor with an additional tool to quickly gain clients, and to continue to benefit from Sales Xceleration’s investment for many years.  Sales Xceleration is focused on shortening the sales cycle for each of its Advisors.   Following the Sales Xceleration sales process will lead to a successful consulting practice, and we are pleased to introduce yet another revenue-building vehicle to our Advisors.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can serve the huge and highly lucrative small business market as an outsourced VP of Sales, contact Sales Xceleration today at 317.849.7163.