Sales Xceleration Hits Important Milestone – 50+ Advisors!

  • Sales Xceleration Team
Outsourced VP of Sales Advisors
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Sometimes a great idea meets a noble purpose – and magic happens. At Sales Xceleration, we are humbled and honored to announce that we recently surpassed 50 Advisors! These superbly talented and deeply experienced professionals are licensed to serve as Outsourced VP of Sales Advisors and fractional sales leadership consultants for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who have been clamoring for help. Our growth to 50 Outsourced VP of Sales Advisors is gratifying, though it wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight. But two things are certain:  First, we feel blessed to be able to enhance the lives of these seasoned sales executives and their families. And second, we believe – no, we know – this is just the beginning. Let’s take a brief look back at the idea, the purpose, and the magic that has unfolded over the last six years:


An Idea Takes Shape

For many years, we had been aware of an intriguing professional subculture: outsourced or fractional-time consultants serving SMBs. Typically, these consultants serve multiple clients, each client only a day or two per week, bringing high-level expertise to businesses that otherwise could not afford it on a full-time basis. This approach was becoming particularly pervasive in the world of small business finance and accounting, with Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for-hire relationships becoming more commonplace. Outsourced Marketing Officers and Chief Information Officers for-hire were also gaining favor. But it appeared that one area was being overlooked: SALES!

Frankly, there seemed to be no singular reason why this void was not yet filled. But the harder we looked, the more it became apparent that the SMB marketplace needed sales leadership help. Desperately! It also became apparent that no one was stepping up to make proven sales systems and effective strategies available nationwide on a fractional time basis. So, we asked ourselves, “Why not?” And that question quickly became, “Why not us?” After all, if no one else was stepping up to fill this gaping need, why shouldn’t we do it? And just like that an idea became an obsession, and an obsession became a mission, and that mission took on a purpose.


The Purpose Becomes Clear

As we began building the framework for Sales Xceleration, it soon became clear that we could do more than merely help smaller business owners grow their businesses through better sales practices. We came to believe that we would also make a real difference in the lives of experienced sales executives who were aching for change. They were sales executives who had served corporate America well, but now asked, “Is that all there is?” They were sales leaders now seeking greater work/life balance and the opportunity to make a difference – for themselves, for their families, and for businesses desperate for their hard-earned sales wisdom.

We knew they were out there, because we saw them in ourselves.

And suddenly we knew that Sales Xceleration could be the lever to set the wheels in motion and bring these two forces together – Sales leadership consultants and SMB owners – to make a difference, singularly and together.

So, we knew we needed to build Sales Xceleration into something real, something meaningful, and something that would grow and be sustainable. After all, many people were depending on us, whether they realized it yet or not.


Moments of Magic and Affirmation

Along the way, then, the pieces came together in pivotal moments and with gratifying affirmations. For instance, there have been countless times Advisors told us how their spouses appreciated the Advisor being present in their family’s lives vs. travelling up to 80% of the time. They also have related to us, again and again, how they have been thanked for helping a son or daughter turn around a business that their parent entrusted to them. And then there are the constant situations where Advisors have given back to business owners the freedom they originally sought when pursuing business ownership (vs. the enslavement they actually received).

These things, and so many more, have brought us to where we are today – at 54 Advisors and growing. More important than this number, of course, is the greater number of businesses and the individuals and families they represent that our Advisors have been able to help. To date, we have helped these businesses grow revenue by more than $300,000,000.

The Bottom Line:

Sales Xceleration’s mission statement has always been “Integrity, character and ethics, lived out in service for our clients.”  While manifesting that statement of servanthood, our lives have also been profoundly changed. We have seen more than 50 Outsourced VP of Sales Advisors realize the same joy we realized when we left corporate life and began to serve the small business community. In addition, we receive the added joy of seeing hundreds and hundreds of small business owners served through those Advisors.

In closing, let us say that we know the best is yet to come. We look forward to the journey, and to connecting with you!

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