Mike Dugan Presents to Hampton Roads, VA Business Leaders

  • Sales Xceleration Team
Dugan 10-17-2017 Workshop
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On Tuesday, October 17th, Mike Dugan – Sales Xceleration Advisor and President of Commonwealth Sales Associates – presented a 60-minute seminar to small business leaders in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.  Fifteen small business leaders and consultants gathered at the Broad Bay Country Club in Virginia Beach, VA to learn about the Top 10 issues that prevent small business owners from consistently achieving their sales goals.  The seminar was followed by a continental breakfast and good conversation among the attendees.

Mike’s presentation was extremely well received, with attendees stating:

  • “Great talk about sales – a great “marketing-free” reality check!”
  • “It got me doing something I hate to do – actually think and take action!”
  • “Mike is a qualified and very competent speaker.”

Prior to joining Sales Xceleration, Mike spent over 25 years with organizations ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies to smaller entrepreneurial businesses.  Mike’s passion is helping businesses achieve sales success and is known for delivering powerful, record-breaking results quickly.

To learn more about Mike and how he can help your business succeed, click here.  Curious about how your company’s sales infrastructure measures up to the ideal model?  Take Mike’s free, 10-question Sales Agility Assessment to see what your sales organization is doing well, and where there may be room for improvement.