Easy Online Sales Tool Helps Business Owners Assess Sales Deficiencies

  • Sales Xceleration Team
Sales Agility Assessment from Sales Xceleration
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The new Sales Agility AssessmentSM, an online sales tool recently released by Sales Xceleration, is already helping owners of small- to medium-sized businesses identify why their company’s sales are underperforming. In fact, business owners all across the United States have used the 10-question Sales Agility Assessment to benchmark where their sales efforts stand, and they have used that information to either identify internal changes necessary, or to connect with a licensed Sales Xceleration Advisor to take a more comprehensive look at how to boost sales performance. Here’s what you need to know about this simple online sales tool and what it can do for your business: 

Ten from Forty

The original Sales Agility Assessment – built from decades of experience of Sales Xceleration’s founders, Mark Thacker and Chad Meyer, and enhanced with the input of Sales Xceleration’s dozens of licensed Advisors – was a 40-question consultative tool. Advisors use this comprehensive assessment when serving as an Outsourced VP of Sales to help business owners address sales deficiencies and boost sales performance. That version of the Sales Agility Assessment continues to prove successful in small- to medium-sized business environments. But we also recognized the need for many business owners to self-assess their sales situation through this simplified version. That led to the development of the 10-question online sales tool available for free and with no obligation on SalesXceleration.com.

An Objective Online Sales Tool with Actionable Results

More than just a tool to make you aware of internal sales and sales management problems, the Sales Agility Assessment is designed to provide a customized report with insights into how to address these problems. By taking the Sales Agility Assessment, you will receive recommendations regarding Sales Strategy, Performance Management, Sales Methodology, and Organization and Talent.

In the Sales Strategy section, for example, you might learn why it is essential to establish sales goals based on key metrics, or the value of creating an effective sales pipeline dashboard. You might also gain insights into how to implement and use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

In the Performance Management section, you could learn how to establish sales quotas that align with company revenue objectives, how to create a motivating sales compensation plan, and how to create a performance-based sales culture.

To improve your Sales Methodology, you could learn how to develop strategic and sales processes and systems, as well as the best way to document your sales process so your sales people can follow it time after time.

And when it comes to Organization and Talent, the Sales Agility Assessment could help you define and set talent expectations that drive success and retention; learn how to quickly identify sales reps who are a good fit for your organization; and how to recognize key client buying indicators, and then apply attractive and unique value propositions to better serve your markets.

From Beginning to End

We designed the Sales Agility Assessment to be a benchmarking resource not only at the beginning of the sales performance improvement journey, but also after changes have been made. In other words, if you take the online sales tool before changing your sales operations and again after those changes, you can gain insights into whether your internal performance improvement efforts are working or you need the kind of additional help a licensed Sales Xceleration Advisor can provide.

The online sales tool can also be taken by multiple people in your organization so you can gauge subjective indicators before and after changes have been made, not to mention how your responses differ from one another.

The Bottom Line:

We designed the Sales Agility Assessment not only as a tool for our dozens of Advisors to use in their services to business owners, but also as a tool for business owners themselves so they can quickly understand how serious their sales performance problems might be – and how to begin fixing them. The best way to understand the Assessment, of course, is to take it. Again, this online sales tool is free and its 10 questions take just a few minutes. You can start it HERE.

To learn more about the Sales Agility Assessment and Sales Xceleration, browse our website information and resources, or contact us at 844.874.7253.