Outsourced Sales Management Pioneer and Sales Leadership Author Mark Thacker Releases New Book Hope Realized

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Outsourced Sales Management Pioneer and Sales Leadership Author Mark Thacker Releases New Book Hope Realized

For Business Owners Struggling to Achieve Sustainable Sales Growth


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – June 27, 2019 – Mark Thacker, President and Co-Founder of Sales Xceleration, the pioneer in outsourced sales management for small to mid-sized businesses, has released his second book, Hope Realized: Finding the Path to Sales Success. The book presents the story of a business owner named Steve whose once thriving company stands at the brink of failure; and “how a cup of coffee and a conversation” with a sales management consultant named Vance begins a journey of discovery that promises to rescue not only Steve’s business, but benefit his family life as well.

Told in business fable-style and set primarily in a retro diner called The Fork, Hope Realized brings to life an eclectic mix of characters as it weaves in proven lessons for growing sales, building critical sales components, and providing the leadership necessary for sales growth and sustainable business success.

“While Hope Realized doesn’t take place in an ordinary business setting or represent a typical professional relationship between consultant and business owner,” Thacker said, “it does present real sales growth solutions that can be applied to the majority of real-world business situations. It’s for business owners and leaders who might be great at many things, but who need tangible solutions for sales and sales leadership.” With its unusual setting and interesting characters, Thacker is certain that “business owners experiencing sales challenges will relate to Steve, benefit from Vance’s lessons, and find a path to success – in business and at home.”

Hope Realized is Thacker’s second book. His first, Beyond the Mountaintop: Observations on Selling, Living, and Achieving, also provided sales and leadership wisdom within the context of his true-life adventure climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. “I’ve been humbled by how Beyond the Mountaintop has continued to receive accolades since its 2014 release,” Thacker said, “and I’m confident readers will find even more inspiration from the Hope Realized journey.”

Hope Realized is now available on Amazon. For more information, visit https://salesxceleration.com/marks-book-available-now/.

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