How Consulting Can Help You Ease Into Retirement


Many people think of retirement as a two-position light switch: one day you are “on” (gainfully employed and “in the game”), but the next day you are “off” (on your porch in a rocking chair with nothing to do but reminisce). It doesn’t have to be that way. Today, more than ever, you can choose what retirement looks like; and for sales leaders like you who have crafted successful careers by leading highly-effective sales teams, retirement doesn’t have to mean being inactive. So as you plan your exit from the corporate world, don’t look at retirement as a simple on/off light switch, but rather as a light switch that has a dimmer knob. When you choose to become a trusted sales consultant, the next phase in your professional life – as you ease toward retirement – can be like a gradual turning of that knob. Taking that approach, you might find your “second act” to be the most fulfilling time of your life. Here’s why:

You Are Needed

At Sales Xceleration, we have discovered that the small- to medium-sized business sector has a critical and unmet need for sales leadership consulting services. While many businesses of this size cannot afford a full time VP of Sales, those same businesses often can afford – and desperately need – a part-time outsourced VP of Sales. As a licensed Sales Xceleration Advisor consulting with these business owners, you can ease into this lucrative market and work as much or as little as you want. Want to spend more time with your family? As a part-time consultant, you’ve got that flexibility. Want to travel? No problem. Want to kick back or spend more time on the links? That’s up to you. We’ve identified a large and eager target market, but you can choose how much of that hungry market you want to pursue.

You Are Valued

Because the need exists and solution providers are scarce, your expertise will almost certainly be highly sought after and prized. After years, perhaps decades, gaining knowledge and trust as a sales leader in one or more industries, you’ve earned the kind of respect it takes to succeed as a sales consultant. Unlike many retirees who – rightly or wrongly – feel their best days are behind them, you can make a difference in this market sector and enjoy knowing that you are contributing to the livelihoods of business owners and their employees. And as a Sales Xceleration Advisor using our proven market-focused systems, you’ll almost surely find that sales cycles are shorter and your success-oriented sales solutions are more appreciated.

You Still Have Work to Do (and Money to Earn)

To become a successful sales executive, you had to be driven. So it’s a good bet that you still prefer to stay busy. It’s also a good bet that you feel like you’ve got many productive years left and that you still have plenty of insights and expertise to offer. Being a consultant can help you stay “in the game” as long as you want. And because you still want to be productive, you can continue earning income and contributing to your retirement funds; as an active consultant, there’s little or no need to tap into your retirement savings too early.

Bottom Line:

You’ve likely had a long and successful career in corporate sales. But just because you are at an age when retirement comes into view doesn’t mean you have to fear the “off” switch. You have been (and continue to be) a sales leader;  so it simply makes sense for you to parlay that expertise into a role as a sales leadership consultant. And because Sales Xceleration has done the heavy lifting in terms of market assessments and sales systems development, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to turn the knob and ease into a less stressful, but still rewarding, time in your life.

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