How AI Can Act as the Perfect Complement to Sales Teams

Artificial intelligence and automation at work in a sales organization

Artificial intelligence and automation can be powerful tools in sales, helping businesses find more qualified leads and close deals faster. However, AI can’t do it alone. It needs the skills and human connection that only qualified salespeople can offer to truly be effective.

In small but significant ways, AI has been a part of the sales process for a long time. CRM platforms, data mining tools, and marketing automation services have all played integral roles in sales for years, making the entire process more effective and efficient.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI’s true potential in sales. Machine learning and natural language processing, for example, can offer sales teams an unprecedented amount of insight into their buyers and their sales processes. It seems that many sales leaders are already aware of this: according to a Salesforce report, leaders expect the adoption of AI to grow faster than any other tech in sales.