Hiring During a Recession: 3 Strategies to Attract the Right Candidates

  • Maura Kautsky
Recruiting team discussing the hiring of a candidate
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Recruiting is challenging in today’s job market. Even after large-scale tech layoffs and global recession predictions, the power dynamic favors talent. Except for a few industries, job seekers hold almost all the cards. This has left many recruiters scrambling to make a successful hire.

Hiring a candidate with the necessary skills or experience is often needed. It would be best if you had someone who fits the corporate culture and believes in the organization’s mission, vision, and values. That’s what makes a successful hire. Culture-fit candidates are more likely to feel like they belong, which increases their chances of sticking around. Ultimately, this can boost your retention levels even when turnover rates are higher than before the pandemic.

What’s more, culture-fit candidates perform better than other hires. Workplace happiness leads to job satisfaction, and that satisfaction prompts people to go above and beyond. Plus, culture-fit candidates have a better understanding of your business. They know what you need to succeed, which means they can help you achieve your vision.

Attracting these candidates is a tall order; attracting them and convincing them to work for your organization will take some work. But even when navigating the impact of a recession, you need to hire the right people. If you don’t, your company may not have the talent it needs to overcome the competition.

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