Five Free Content Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Content Marketing

Five Free Content Marketing Tools That Help Small to Mid-Size Businesses Build Their Brand and Generate Leads

By Maura Kautsky, Director of Marketing, Sales Xceleration


Small to mid-size businesses don’t have unlimited budgets and they want and need to grow their brand and drive leads.  So, knowing what to do and where to start can be a challenge. As a seasoned marketer who has worked for large companies, but now works for a small business, I too have to find creative ways to build our brand and generate leads.  And one way to do it is to focus on quality content.

Content is at the core of all marketing programs, so creating engaging content now can help you get insights to the right messaging when you have the budget for those other paid marketing programs.

Here are five of my favorite simple and FREE marketing tools that you can use today to start building and delivering content for your brand.

  1. Medium: Article/Blog Publishing Platform:  Content publishing helps build your brand and helps you get discovered on organic searches. Medium is a great source to write on key trending topics.  You benefit from the exposure to their built-in audience that is reported at 60M+ monthly readers.
  2. StockSnap: Free Stock Photos:  Add a great photo or two to your blog/article by searching on StockSnap. They have a robust library of unique, high-resolution photos that can also be used on social media and for other marketing tools.
  3. Lumen5: Video Creation Platform:  Take those great blog posts/articles and turn them into videos. Lumen5 lets you import content and make it into a video. They have tons of footage to provide you with all the visual assets you need, or you can import your own.
  4. Postfity: Social Media Posting Platform:  One of the few left in the market that offers a free scheduled posting account.  Social media posts are a must today.  Having a tool that allows you to schedule everything out for the week(s) ensures you are keeping your brand active.
  5. Moz: Keyword Tool:  If you don’t know where to start for your blog or social media posts, then check out Moz to uncover the best keywords to target.  Uncover the topics that people are searching for and talking about. Keep up with trends as they change quickly.

Remember, you do not have to implement everything at once, create a plan and systematically apply them to your business. The most important thing to do is to just get started!

I wanted to share that I am not getting paid for promoting any of these products, I just like them.  Try them out – you might find a few that work for you in supporting your goal of delivering quality content to your future customers.



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