IT Professional Services: Building a Sustainable Sales Strategy for Accelerated Growth

Executive Summary

An IT Professional Services and Software Resell company was growing rapidly, but was having trouble hiring and retaining sales personnel. The CEO knew he needed help building out the right infrastructure to rapidly scale the sales organization to maintain consistent growth.

The Big Win

Achieved consistent year-over-year growth rates of 50%+ over multiple years to hit $30 million in annual revenues.

Building a Sustainable Sales Strategy for Accelerated Growth



To counteract the high sales team turnover, our Outsourced VP of Sales established performance metrics to hold all sales team members accountable. They recruited, hired, and onboarded for 8+ positions, creating a highly capable team that would maintain customer satisfaction.

In order to ensure the sales process was consistent and all team members understood who their best customers were, a lead qualification procedure was  developed and implemented. Increasing market share was addressed by defining the Sales Development Representative’s function and aligning the Company’s long-term goals to gain a competitive advantage.

See what Thad West, CEO and Founder of Isos Technology, has to say about his experience with Sales Xceleration!

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We have been working with Ted for almost two years. In that time, Ted created a sales machine that has significantly increased company revenues while enabling long-term scalability.
Ted's engagement with us has been truly transformational.

— Thad West, CEO Isos Technology


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