Construction Technology: Expanding Business with Sales Playbook

Executive Summary

A rapidly growing Construction Technology company working to create a strong sales foundation engaged an Outsourced VP of Sales to help. The SLT knew they needed to maintain consistency across the sales department as they expanded in team size and geography. Through the implementation of the Custom Sales Playbook, the team now has aligned sales stories and a comprehensive platform for integrating new staff members.

The Big Win

Consistency within the sales team was prioritized, aligning with the CEO’s strategic growth plan spanning from 2024 through 2027.

Expanding Business with Sales Playbook




Through the Playbook Creation process, [our Outsourced VP of Sales] ran an excellent discovery process and was able to distill our process into a comprehensive document. It greatly enhances the advantages of our Facial Recognition Workforce Management Solution in the marketplace going forward.

— George W. Gilbert II, CEO


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