Achieving Sales Excellence: Choosing Effective Sales Channels for B2B Companies Under $100M

  • Kevin Lawson
  • Sean O’Shaughnessey
Illustration graphic of a variety of effective sales channel options
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Who, What, How, and Where

In the vast ecosystem of B2B sales, where the terrain is both challenging and rewarding, one decision can significantly influence your trajectory: choosing sales channels. This series has built insights into who you are selling to, the value of your product, and how to price. Now, we dive into what channels to attack to sell it most effectively.

For B2B companies, especially those maneuvering the nuances and complexities of sub-$100M revenues, this decision is not merely operational—it’s strategic. CEOs and company leaders, your sales channels are the bridges connecting your offerings to potential clients. Choosing them wisely ensures that your message reaches the right ears at the right time and in the proper manner.

The Significance of Sales Channels

Sales channels are the pathways through which your products or services reach the market. They determine how you engage with potential clients, communicate your value proposition, and nurture relationships. In the B2B domain, where sales cycles can be lengthy and decisions are multifaceted, the right sales channel can streamline the process, making it more efficient and effective.

Selecting Impactful Sales Channels: A Structured Approach

  • Understand Your Target Audience: As emphasized earlier, a deep understanding of your target market is foundational. Where do they seek information? How do they prefer to engage? Answering these questions can guide your channel selection.
  • Evaluate Channel Types: The array of sales channels is vast, from direct sales and distributors to online platforms and partnerships. Understand the pros and cons of each and how they align with your product, service, and target audience.
  • Assess Internal Capabilities: Your company’s internal strengths play a pivotal role. Do you have a robust direct sales team? Or is your strength in online marketing? Aligning channels with internal capabilities can enhance effectiveness.
  • Monitor and Measure: Once channels are chosen, monitoring their performance is crucial. Which channels are generating the most leads? Which has the highest conversion rates? Data-driven insights can refine your approach.
  • Stay Agile: The B2B landscape is dynamic. New channels emerge while old ones evolve. Being agile in your channel strategy, ready to adapt and pivot, can keep you ahead of the curve.

The Leadership Perspective

The involvement of leadership in channel selection is indispensable. CEOs and company leaders bring a bird’s-eye view, understanding the broader company strategy, goals, and resources. Their insights ensure channel decisions are not made in isolation but aligned with the company’s overarching vision and objectives. It’s a decision that requires a blend of analytical reasoning and strategic foresight.

The risk of subordinating this component is immense. Missing the mark in channel selection can limit the speed of market entry or the ability to scale or outpace competitive influencers on a buying decision. As a leader, your role is to push, guide, and direct the process and steer the organization around obstacles that prevent your desired growth.

The Strategic Essence of Sales Channels

Channel Selection is a decision steeped in strategy. It’s about communicating your value proposition through the most impactful avenues, resonating deeply with potential clients. For B2B companies, especially those navigating the sub-$100M revenue space, it’s a decision that can shape their growth trajectory. As you reflect on your current sales channels, consider their alignment with your target audience and internal strengths. Are there untapped channels that could amplify your reach? Remember, in B2B sales, the right track can be the difference between a missed opportunity and a successful deal.

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