Success – 4 Key Investments New Business Owners Should Make

New business owners need to be ready to invest in the future in order to realize success.
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Anyone currently “playing the corporate game” knows it’s not for the faint of heart. Office politics, a who-you-know culture and a quarterly earnings mentality can hinder motivation and impede your ability to succeed.

I bought into this game for a long time before realizing I would never achieve financial security by following someone else’s plan. I based my success on how other senior leaders viewed me, not solely on my performance. The days of exceeding quotas and being rewarded for it had vanished.

I’d grown tired of participating in the game everyone else was playing. I recognized I needed to focus on a different game: one with less competition, less bureaucracy, and fewer rules. I knew I needed to go somewhere I could be rewarded for results, where I could fail quickly and recover with even faster solutions, and where my value was recognized. So I did.