Influencer Marketing Agency: Building a Future-Proof Sales Infrastructure

Company Profile

The Motherhood is a boutique Influencer Marketing Agency with a long history of connecting brands with influential voices.  They operate in a challenging environment where trends and consumer behavior rapidly evolve.  Despite their innovative approach and experienced team, the company faced a downturn in 2023 primarily due to escalating competition and absence of a structured sales process.  

Influencer Marketing Agency: Building a Future-Proof Sales Infrastructure

Sales Success Snapshot

By June 2024, the Company Exceeded Sales Results From 2023

Built a Robust Sales Infrastructure

Hired a Full-Time Business Development Representative


By Q3 of 2023, The Motherhood’s sales were off plan and they struggled to keep pace with historical results.

The company lacked a formal sales process for managing and implementing outside sales activities, which was leading to a decline in revenue, deal size, and win rate.

The Motherhood’s typical sales pipeline was primarily word-of-mouth and repeat business but had an absence of proactive business development. In the rapidly growing influencer marketing industry, they found it increasingly challenging to stand out.

Solutions Strategy

To tackle these challenges, The Motherhood enlisted the expertise of a Sales Xceleration Advisor. They focused on building a comprehensive sales infrastructure that would set the stage for sustained growth. Key components of the solution included:

  • Two-Year Sales Analysis: A detailed examination of sales activities over the past two years provided insights into areas needing improvement.
  • Two-Year Revenue Forecast: Projections for the next two years helped set clear, achievable targets and milestones.
  • Creation of a Sales Process: A formal sales process was developed, detailing every step from initial contact to closing the deal.
  • Updating the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System: The existing CRM system, HubSpot, was updated to incorporate the new sales process, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  • Development of Sales Call Planning Elements: This included a Pre-Call Plan, Sales Call Agenda, Post-Call Coaching Plan, and Revenue Tracking Tool.
  • Hiring a Business Development Representative (BDR): The final piece of the puzzle was hiring a BDR to execute the newly established sales processes and drive proactive outreach.


By June 2024, The Motherhood had already exceeded their total annual performance for 2023. Key achievements included increased revenue, enhanced sales efficiency, larger deal sizes, and proactive business development.

Utilizing an Outsourced Vice President of Sales (OVPS)

The Sales Xceleration Advisor not only revitalized The Motherhood’s sales but also set the foundation for sustained growth. With a robust sales infrastructure in place, The Motherhood is well-equipped to maintain its competitive edge and continue its upward trajectory.

Following the successful infrastructure build, the Sales Xceleration Advisor has returned to support sales leadership responsibilities. By ensuring the new hire is successfully onboarded and the team consistently utilizes the new processes, sales momentum is maintained, allowing the CEO to focus on other areas of the business.


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Cooper Munroe, CEO of The Motherhood, expressed her satisfaction with the results, stating,

You fill me with hope and optimism, and I am so grateful. Sales are well on the way up, and much of that is thanks to you!

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