Electrical Manufacturing: Sales Strategy and Processes Provide Immediate Growth

Executive Summary

An electrical manufacturing company, in business for ten years with ten employees, experienced a change in ownership in addition to the shock of COVID-19, exposing the negative impact of their lack of sales strategy and plan. They had been operating transaction-by-transaction and realized that they needed an experienced sales leader to create a strategy and plan, as well as to put the infrastructure in place to grow revenue immediately and into the future.

The Big Win

20% quarter-over-quarter growth in the
last two quarters, which puts the company
on track for 65%+ year-over-year growth.

Sales Strategy and Processes Provide Immediate Growth: Manufacturing Case Study




Our Consultant provided clear direction and leadership to the whole company. We all know our role, and we are all now driving to a common objective.

— Pat Forbis, Chairman and CEO


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