Jeff Parris, CSL

As a former professional athlete and championship football coach, I leverage those experiences into a business career as a dynamic sales leader who has owned and successfully operated multiple businesses. I know how to lead and work with others and drive the change necessary to get results and allow an organization to achieve its goals. Leveraging expertise across all areas of running a sales organization and within varying sizes of different organizations, I help my clients identify, create and pull the “high impact levers” that get them to desired outcomes quickly. Growing revenue, achieving profits, developing human capital and creating/changing the foundation, systems and infrastructure for long-term success have been achievements for organizations leveraging my services and firm.I’ve successfully led sales divisions for three start-up corporations, including a technology company acquired by AT&T for a 15X valuation increase for its shareholders upon exit. I founded and operated a regional retail organization as well as led significant sales turnarounds at large and mid-size telecommunications companies. I maintain a reputation for being a hard-charging servant leader that wins through collaboration and acting with the end in mind.