Achieving Sales Excellence: Competitive Positioning

  • Kevin Lawson
  • Sean O’Shaughnessey
Sales leader showcasing competitive analysis to position their team
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In the B2B marketplace, where numerous companies vie for the attention of a discerning clientele, one strategy component can make all the difference: competitive positioning. For B2B entities, especially those navigating the challenges of scaling a business to $100M in revenues, carving out a distinct market stance isn’t just a strategy—it’s necessary. CEOs and company leaders, your competitive positioning is the lens through which potential clients view your company, distinguishing you from the myriad of competitors and alternative solutions.

Understanding Competitive Positioning

At its essence, competitive positioning is about differentiation. It’s the art and science of defining how your company, products, or services differ from others in the marketplace. It’s more than just a list of features or capabilities; it’s about the unique value, the distinct promise, and the unparalleled experience you offer. In the B2B realm, where purchase decisions are often multi-layered and deeply strategic, your competitive positioning can be the deciding factor.

Crafting a Distinct Market Stance: A Methodical Approach

  • Deep Market Analysis: Begin with a thorough understanding of the market landscape. Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Where do opportunities lie? Utilize our free Competitor Sales Analysis Checklist to gain insights into your competition and help your sales team identify and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Internal Capabilities Assessment: Turn the lens inward. What are your company’s core strengths? Are there proprietary technologies, unique methodologies, or unmatched expertise that set you apart?
  • Client Needs and Preferences: Ground your positioning in the needs of your target market. What are they seeking? What gaps exist in the current offerings? How can you fill these gaps uniquely?
  • Clear Value Proposition: As discussed in the third blog post in the series, a compelling value proposition is foundational. Your competitive positioning should amplify and build upon this value proposition.
  • Consistent Messaging: Once you’ve defined your competitive positioning, ensure it is consistently communicated across all touchpoints, from marketing materials to sales pitches and client interactions.

The Imperative Role of Leadership

For companies with revenues under $100M, the role of leadership in shaping competitive positioning is paramount. CEOs and company leaders possess a holistic view of the company’s mission, vision, and strategic objectives. Their involvement ensures that the competitive positioning is distinct and aligned with the company’s broader ethos and goals. It’s a strategic endeavor that requires foresight, insight, and a deep understanding of the market and the company’s internal capabilities.

Adapting and Evolving

The B2B market is not static, nor is the market willing to wait for businesses to catch up. Competitors innovate, client needs, and demands evolve, and industry dynamics shift. As such, competitive positioning is not a one-time task. It requires periodic reassessment and refinement. Staying attuned to market changes and being agile in positioning can ensure your company remains relevant and differentiated.

The Strategic Power of Competitive Positioning

The strategic compass guiding market-leading companies is oriented north by their efforts in competitive positioning. Positioning is more than a marketing term. Competitive positioning informs the market on how you present your company, differentiate from competitors, and resonate with potential clients. For B2B companies operating under the $100M threshold, it’s a critical tool.

As you reflect on your company’s current market stance, consider its effectiveness in creating measurable separation from you and your closest competitor. Does it truly differentiate you? Does it resonate with your target market? Remember, in B2B sales, a well-defined competitive positioning can be your beacon, guiding clients to choose you over others.

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