From Zero to Heroes: Sales Xceleration Quickly Reaches 100th Advisor Milestone

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From Zero to Heroes: Sales Xceleration Quickly Reaches 100th Advisor Milestone

One hundred Advisors and growing! What a ride it has been and continues to be. What a blessing it is to continue to grow our influential network. What an honor it is to work with these experienced, wise and talented outsourced sales management consultants. They inspire us; and we count them among our heroes for their commitment and dedication to servant leadership in the small to mid-sized business landscape. Here is a brief look at how Sales Xceleration started, where we are today, and where we are headed as we continue to expand and serve:


Inspiration, Discovery and Opportunity

Before the initial spark of inspiration that became Sales Xceleration, there was the discovery of a huge underserved business market. As longtime sales management and sales leadership professionals and collaborators, Mark Thacker and Chad Meyer uncovered a significant “sales leadership gap” in small and mid-sized businesses and decided to do something about it.

Early research indicated that in a typical U.S. metropolitan area, there were approximately 50,000 businesses with annual sales between $1m and $50m. Of those businesses, 80% lacked basic sales structures, processes and tools to effectively compete. And while Thacker and Meyer were serving such clients through their private sales consulting practices, they recognized it would take many additional seasoned sales executives to help close the overall gap. But they also recognized that many corporate sales executives were reluctant to make the jump to independent sales consulting because they lacked the tools and systems to “hit the ground running.”

This, then, became not merely a challenge – to help smaller businesses by first empowering sales management consultants – but also a purposeful mission.

After over a year of hard work, Thacker and Meyer developed sales management tools, systems and documentation – based on their own experience and expertise – that became the solid foundation for this new brand: Sales Xceleration.

You can imagine the complexity of the endeavor. Not only were they developing state-of-the-art sales consulting systems; they were also creating a new kind of business model – one designed to help other sales professionals create lives of fulfillment through “fractional time” consulting services for smaller businesses.

In 2013, the brand’s first marketing communications went out to prospective “Advisors.” Licensees came slowly at first, but as Sales Xceleration’s reputation grew, the company soon found its footing. In recent years, the growth has been exponential.


Today’s Sales Xceleration: 100 Heroes and Counting

Which brings us to the summer of 2019 when Sales Xceleration hit and surpassed this remarkable milestone: adding its 100th licensed Advisor to the team. Operating in 31 states and in Canada, these Advisors quickly became our heroes. Why? Many reasons…

Chad Meyer noted that “Our Advisors amaze me. They each took the bold, but measured step, to leave the corporate world and embark upon a life of balance and purpose for themselves, their spouses and children and their communities. When an Advisor tells me they took their kids or grandkids to school for the first time or transformed an owner’s business and saved countless jobs, I know that their sense of fulfillment is a result of their courage, dedication and determination.”

Thacker admires their entrepreneurial spirit and their commitment to servant leadership, too. It is something he values highly in step with his faith and his dedication to his family. “I do my best to walk a God-centered life; and my Mom and Dad were not only amazing parents, but role models I still try to emulate. Our Advisors share this same perspective. They, too, are heroes to me because of how they put their principles to work every day through servant leadership to clients.”


Expand and Serve: A Very Bright Future

As for the future of Sales Xceleration, look for the number of Advisors to continue to grow – as well as the number of geographic locations they serve.

Thacker said that, “Our service offerings and Advisor population have more than doubled in the last two years, and there are no signs of slowing down. We will continue to add Advisors in the U.S. at our current pace and we will also continue to add tools and software to assist our Advisors on the delivery of our services to their clients.”

International expansion is also “in the cards” according to Thacker. “We have considered many candidates from 5 continents (nobody from Antarctica yet!), but Canada made sense as the first international market. We anticipate rapid expansion in both Canada and the United Kingdom over the next few years.”

Both Co-founders agree: for Sales Xceleration, its Advisors and their clients, the future is very bright!


An Invitation

If you are a seasoned sales executive with a history of leadership and success, we’d like to get acquainted. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, we can help you hit the ground running. If you are a servant leader looking to lead a balanced life of fulfillment, you already have the mindset it takes to succeed as a licensed Sales Xceleration Outsourced VP of Sales. That’s “The Sales Xceleration Way;” and it has helped us earn recognition as one of Inc. Magazine’s “5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.” It also has helped us make a difference in countless lives and businesses. Won’t you join us?

To learn more about how to become a Sales Xceleration Advisor (and a hero to others), click here or simply contact us today at 844.874.7253.


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