The “Great Reinvention” and Rediscovering a Better Work/Life Balance

Words demonstrating work-life balance: friends, business, family, vacations.
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It’s well established that the COVID-19 pandemic led millions of people to reassess their life journeys. Whether it was due to serious threats to their health and lives, the ability to work from home, or spending more quality time with family, the pandemic was a game changer. And while this caused what came to be known as “The Great Resignation” with massive upheaval in the employment ranks as workers left their pre-COVID jobs in search of greener pastures, it went – and continues to go – even further: The Great Resignation has led to “The Great Reinvention.”

What on Earth does that mean? The Great Reinvention signifies the widespread collective questioning of pre-COVID life paths, and specifically, where to go next in a changing world. Even more important, The Great Reinvention hinges on a search for purpose, especially when one’s professional career path suddenly seems less meaningful, less fulfilling, and less consequential.

What are some of the key factors many are considering as part of their individual Great Reinventions? Here are some that might hit close to home for you, too:

“If you had the opportunity to do anything you wanted in your professional life, what would it be?” The pandemic unexpectedly put this very question on the front burner for many people. And while some simply saw the societal upheaval as an opportunity to trade one job for another, some took a harder look, a more introspective one, to do some soul searching. What they determined was that life can be short, but also that it can be too long to live by someone else’s uncomfortable rules. In fact, many discovered that their “comfort zone” wasn’t very comfortable at all, or at least not dependable.

The soul searching often led to identifying what really matters – in their personal and professional lives. It’s a journey of discovery we’re quite familiar with at Sales Xceleration. In fact, it’s at the core of why we exist and why we provide the opportunities we do for our licensed Advisors who serve small to mid-sized clients as outsourced VPs of Sales.

These former corporate sales leaders often come to us with some common goals:

Less Travel

By forcing sales leaders to work from home, the pandemic reminded them how burdensome it was to spend so much time on the road or in busy airports and uncomfortable hotel rooms. While travel might once have been exciting, it quickly loses its luster as the years go by.

More Time with Family

Going hand in hand with less travel, the pandemic provided sales leaders more time to spend with their loved ones. The prospect of going back on the road and sacrificing this quality time led many to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Work/life Balance

Less travel and more time with family created a better work/life balance. And once that had been experienced during the pandemic, the thought of backpedaling was unthinkable. For many years, our sales leadership consultants have been ahead of the curve on this one: because they work on a fractional basis, close to home, they have the work/life balance many professionals still only dream of.

Making a Difference

Ultimately, the pandemic led people to the realization that their lives simply weren’t truly rewarding. Even if they made good money, there was an emptiness inside that made them ask, “Isn’t there something more for me out there? An opportunity to work with a sense of passion and purpose and make a difference for others?” In pondering these questions, it was often quickly determined that maintaining the status quo was not the answer. Hence, The Great Resignation and The Great Reinvention were born.

The Bottom Line:

The pandemic was devastating in so many ways; but it did lead many to a journey of self-discovery that created awareness of options and opportunities. They realized they could seek and find a more rewarding path that provides the work/life balance they craved and do so without sacrificing the experience and wisdom they had dedicated their lives to earning and learning. Such a journey of discovery is what has led a fast-growing team of sales leaders to their Great Reinvention as Outsourced VPs of Sales serving small to mid-sized businesses on a fractional basis. This opportunity – open in all markets – has made it possible for them to enjoy less travel, more time with family, a greater work/life balance, and the chance to make a difference as they work with a renewed sense of purpose. To learn more, click here or contact us at 844.874.7253.