Investing in Your Future: Exciting News for Sales Leaders and Sales Xceleration

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We often hear from corporate sales leaders who join our team of licensed Advisors that they believe they are investing in their future. We’re honored they see it that way (and we couldn’t agree more!). Our Advisors are often impressed by our continuing investment in the development of essential sales consulting tools, resources, systems, and training. This type of ongoing investment is a key reason Sales Xceleration® continues to grow – rapidly. In fact, we’ve been named to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for three straight years.

What’s more, we believe investment – of time, energy, passion, and yes, money – is the rocket fuel that propels success to new heights. And that’s why we’re particularly excited to announce a new kind of partnership investment that brings even greater success opportunities to Sales Xceleration and our licensed Advisors. What is this new investment, and what does it mean for our team and for you?

Details of the Investment and Partnership

Since its founding in 2011 by Mark Thacker and Chad Meyer, Sales Xceleration has been on a rapid growth trajectory. Not only has that been recognized by Inc. Magazine, but it’s also drawn attention from the investment community. On October 12, 2021, the time and opportunity were right for Sales Xceleration to enter into an investment relationship with The Firefly Group, a firm with a proven track record of partnering with leadership teams to build companies of lasting value.

With its investment, Firefly becomes the majority partner in Sales Xceleration. However, Mark and Chad will remain significant owners in Sales Xceleration and will continue to be active within the company. Mark will be on the Board of Directors. Otherwise, Sales Xceleration will continue business as usual, continuing to operate in the manner that created the investment-worthy exceptional year-over-year growth. The strategic and tactical direction remain the same, and the same corporate employees will continue to serve the Advisor and client communities as well as managing corporate outreach and growth initiatives. Best of all, Advisors will continue to be empowered by the same set of tools and resources.

A Strategic Alliance

The investment in Sales Xceleration is part of a strategy Firefly calls The Entrepreneurial Toolkit™, which seeks to identify, support, and grow world-class companies serving small to mid-size businesses. Sales Xceleration will complement Firefly’s other platform investment in EOS Worldwide (EOS®), which also serves entrepreneurial businesses. EOS serves clients with its Entrepreneurial Operating System, a set of concepts and tools used by more than 100,000 global companies to clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. Sales Xceleration, Firefly, and EOS share similar corporate cultures and values; and they complement one another in their pioneering fractional consulting experience and commitment to serving small to mid-sized businesses.

David Mann, Firefly’s co-founder, and partner said, “We couldn’t be more pleased to join with Sales Xceleration in the next phase of its growth. Its proven fractional services model fills a void in the marketplace left by the shortage of great sales leadership across small and mid-sized companies.

Extra Value for Advisors – Present and Future

What does this new partnership mean for current and future Advisors? While Sales Xceleration will carry forward its strategic and tactical direction and continue to provide Advisors with its robust and growing suite of tools and resources, the Firefly investment will enable that growth to accelerate, bringing significantly greater benefits to our licensed sales leadership consultants.

First, it confirms the value and forecasted growth of the fractional services model. In other words, it’s a notable further endorsement of the Sales Xceleration model that’s driven our continuing growth.

Next, because of the synergistic alignment between Sales Xceleration and EOS, new opportunities within shared and related markets are likely. A tight connection with EOS will provide new ways to add value for clients.

What’s more, the Firefly investment brings additional validation when collaborating with other strategic partners and clients. In fact, it can bring an extra measure of credibility and influence necessary to open doors for client work with PE/investment companies.

The Bottom Line:

With Firefly’s support, we are excited to continue expanding our footprint throughout the world and add even more value for our licensed Advisors. To read more about the Firefly investment and Sales Xceleration’s continuing growth, click here. To discover how to become a licensed sales leadership consulting Advisor, click here or contact us today at 844.874.7253.