How Fractional Sales Consultants Deliver Success Through Sales Outsourcing


Can your sales organization achieve success by sales outsourcing? Experts agree the answer is a resounding “yes”! Anita Campbell, writing for the Small Business Administration, noted that “outsourcing allows you to get more done and trust important tasks and processes to professionals without having to actually grow your full-time team in a significant way.” At Sales Xceleration, our sales improvement consultants have become trusted outsourced fractional executives who help small to mid-sized businesses achieve substantial – and sustainable – sales growth.

What are the benefits of outsourced sales management? How does a fractional executive bring these benefits within reach for small to mid-sized businesses? And how can your company join best-in-class sales leaders and find success by sales outsourcing? Here’s a closer look:

Benefits of Outsourced Sales Management

As shown in this infographic based on research from the Clutch organization, benefits of outsourcing can be numerous and significant. Perhaps this is why “8 in 10 small businesses (80%) plan to outsource business functions.” What are some of the big-picture benefits of outsourcing, including using outsourced sales management? “Small businesses … outsource in order to save time, grow their company, and work with experts across a range of business functions.” Among the Clutch findings:

Saving Time

“27% of small businesses are most motivated to outsource in hopes of improving their efficiency and saving time.”

Growing the Business

“19% of small businesses with 251 to 500 employees primarily outsource in order [to] scale their business. Outsourcing is a vital component of growth for many small businesses.”

Working with Experts

“33% of small businesses outsource in order to access flexible resources;” and “26% of companies with 10 employees or fewer outsource mostly in the hopes of working with an expert, demonstrating how expertise is a valuable commodity [even] for the smallest businesses.”

Why is outsourcing, including the use of outsourced sales management, so critical today for smaller businesses? According to Maria Valdivieso de Uster, Director of Knowledge for McKinsey & Company’s Marketing and Sales Practice, “One characteristic [of] best-in-class sales leaders [is] their ability to find growth opportunities and sales trends before their competitors do.” One of those trends “is the outsourcing of parts of (and sometimes lots of) the sales value chain. What’s new today is that … third-party vendors [can] run a company’s entire end-to-end sales process.”

And that’s where we come in. At Sales Xceleration, we help companies realize the many benefits of sales improvement consulting. As a pioneer in fractional sales leadership, we’re on the leading edge when companies want to outsource sales department operations. Our licensed Advisors help business owners close the sales leadership gap by providing the sales tools, processes, systems, and structures necessary to compete effectively and achieve revenue goals. This all becomes possible because our Advisors act as fractional executives.

What is a Fractional Executive?

Most business owners are familiar with the concept of business consulting. Consultants can be used across a wide spectrum of departments to perform studies and help a business identify, develop, and implement strategic plans. Consultants can provide insightful perspective necessary to make tough decisions in key areas of the operation, including staffing and organizational structure. Generally speaking, consultants maintain professional distance and do not take on a leadership role in the organization during the period of engagement.

Fractional executives, however, can provide similar services as an organizational consultant. But there are often important distinctions and advantages to engaging a fractional executive for outsourced sales management. In particular, a sales management fractional executive can:

  • Bring critical sales leadership experience and expertise to companies lacking effective sales direction
  • Work part-time (that is, on a fractional time basis) each week or be fully engaged for a limited time as a VP of Sales for companies that need direction but can’t afford such a role full-time
  • Take the reins of the sales organization on a short-term basis to identify areas for improvement and direct the changes necessary to implement a new direction
  • Identify necessary organizational structure changes and drive the key processes for implementing those necessary changes
  • Create specifications, select, and implement an effective CRM that fully integrates with enhanced sales processes

These outsourced sales and marketing consulting services (among others) represent the tangible sales leadership-focused benefits of outsourcing that so many business owners are now embracing.

The Bottom Line:

Is success by sales outsourcing possible in today’s challenging and hyper-competitive business landscape where skilled sales professionals and experienced sales leadership can be hard to come by? Yes! For the small to mid-sized business, outsourced sales management consulting can be both a lifeline and a driver for significant and sustainable success. Certainly, the benefits of using sales improvement consultants are numerous and a fractional executive in charge of the sales operation can bring a level of deep experience and expertise formerly out of reach for most smaller businesses.

 Why Work with Sales Xceleration?

Sales Xceleration was first to market in the fractional sales leadership space and continues to be an award-winning and respected innovator after more than ten years. With a rapidly expanding network of sales management consultants across the US, Canada and the UK– and now further expanding into markets abroad, our licensed Advisors (who average 25+ years of sales experience) continue to help businesses survive and thrive. Using proven tools and resources, we can help your organization build a solid program to maximize both sales and profits. In fact, 98% of businesses who engage our services realize increased revenue with an average sales increase of 32% in the first year after engagement.

To learn more about how a fractional executive sales improvement consultant from Sales Xceleration can help your business achieve best-in-class sales leadership and growth, click here to locate a sales leadership Advisor in your area or contact us today at 844.874.7253.