Business Growth During COVID? We’re Proof it Can Be Done!

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COVID-19 has shaken us all. Through illness and loss, it has reminded us of what matters most: family and friends. But beyond these priorities and worldview resets, the pandemic has also cracked the very foundations of how we approach business. The economy has taken major hits in many – perhaps in most – sectors. And yet, some industries and certain companies have fared better than others, even to the point of realizing surprising, significant, and sustainable growth. We feel blessed to report that Sales Xceleration is one example of a business that has bucked the negative trends and continues to thrive as we work through and beyond this global pandemic. How have we done it? Let’s take a look.

Recognizing Underlying Problems and Vulnerabilities

First, understand this: Sales Xceleration exists to empower small to mid-sized businesses to overcome threats and challenges, increase revenue, and establish sustainable growth for long-term success. Of course, the first step in our engagement requires business owners to acknowledge three important truths:

  • They have a significant problem with their current (and recent) levels of sales
  • That problem has profound consequences, impacting not only revenue but potentially the survival of the organization
  • They will fully empower our Advisor to take the necessary steps to solve the problem and its many facets

While business success can fluctuate even in the best of times, each of these realities have increased exponentially due to COVID. In other words, since the early days of the pandemic, a paradigm shift has occurred. As a result:

  • More businesses have experienced significant problems with sales
  • Businesses are experiencing serious negative effects of this crisis at a greater rate than ever before
  • Business owners who weren’t previously willing to admit they have a sales issue, realize they can no longer turn a blind eye to the seriousness of the problem
  • A greater number of business owners have fully committed to solving the problem and positioning their companies for sustainable success, even in the face of uncertain economic conditions

Solving Problems and Vulnerabilities and Creating Growth Opportunities

The last 18 months have yielded the best results in Sales Xceleration’s history. Our licensed Advisors, acting as sales leadership consultants, have done what they’ve always done – used their decades of experience and wisdom to bring proven sales solutions to businesses in need – but are now doing so with more clients. Because businesses have been quicker to recognize the make-or-break seriousness of their need, our services are being sought and engaged at record levels. That means our Advisors are generating more income than before COVID – for their clients and themselves. What’s more, our newest Advisors are gaining clients more quickly than ever (compared to periods before the onset of the pandemic).

The Bottom Line:

Again, we’ve always been blessed by success at Sales Xceleration. (In fact, we continue to be named to Inc. magazine’s annual list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.) While our business is a good good-economy business, it truly excels in bad economic times. Certainly, the coronavirus pandemic has been not only challenging, but catastrophic for many individuals, families, and businesses. But with our strong and ever-expanding team of sales leadership experts, we have stepped into the fray and helped more and more businesses overcome their most serious challenges ever.

Of course, because the need is so great in the small to mid-sized business sector, we need even more successful sales leaders to join us. For more details about how to become a licensed Advisor authorized to use Sales Xceleration’s proven sales systems, tools, and resources, click here or contact us today at 844.874.7253.