Genesis+® helps companies break sales records and get to the next level.

Our Sales Consultants design and deliver to you a sales plan, a proven sales infrastructure and a trained, coached, and certified sales leader.

Genesis+® combines sales strategy, process, management, and a hiring plan with a powerful 16-week sales training and certification program that builds and prepares sales leaders for rapid growth.

Genesis+® solves any or all of these problems you may be facing:

Declining or stagnant sales.
Ineffective sales leadership.
Succession planning without the skillset in place to be effective.
Lack of time available to effectively manage the sales team.
Lack of internal sales skillset to take a business to acquisition.

Who does Genesis+® help?

  • Business owners driven to become a more effective internal sales leader.
  • Existing sales executives wanting to grow their leadership skills and the company’s revenue with a proven sales framework.
  • Business owners looking toward succession planning and developing new leaders within an organization to carry on a business’ legacy.
  • Businesses motivated to building internal leaders and providing career opportunities.
  • Businesses moved to reduce sales staff attrition through continuing education and to provide career growth opportunities.

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What do business owners get out of Genesis+®?

  • Effective sales leaders equipped to break all-time sales records.
  • Expert driven roadmap on how to build and lead a sales team to maximum effectiveness.
  • Completely built sales infrastructure that will support revenue for years.
  • 16 essential modules to becoming an effective VP of Sales (an equivalent of a certified Executive level course).
  • Documents, templates, tools and processes to run your sales team.
  • Better understanding of their audience and how to sell to them.
  • How to proficiently communicate offerings and how they directly impact prospective client business.
  • KPI’s, metrics and accountability to validate that they are on the right path.

How is Genesis+® different from sales training?

  • Coached by an Advisor (VP of Sales) with an average of 25 years sales experience.
  • Clients are given all the tactical tools to do the job.
  • Proven process builds mentorship relationships for life.
  • Programs are customized 1:1 mentorship training, not a replicated sales training program.
  • Keeps business leaders and sales goals on track after implementation.
  • Ongoing leadership of the team and application of sales processes.

The 16-Week Training Plan for Your Sales Leader

This training is done by an experienced VP of Sales with an average of 25-years of sales leadership, giving business owners and internal sales leaders the tools they need to implement and carry out a successful sales infrastructure and become better sales leaders.


Week 1

Creating an Environment of Sales Success

Week 2

Understanding Your Client

Week 3

Defining the Sales Strategy

Week 4

Company and Individual Business Plans

Week 5

Getting the Best from Your Sales Team

Week 6


Week 7

Improving Poor Performance

Week 8

Coaching Mindset/Culture

Week 9


Week 10

Sales Team Meetings

Week 11

One-on-one Meetings

Week 12


Week 13


Week 14


Week 15

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Week 16


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