What is a Sales Leadership Consultant and Why Should I Hire One?

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What Is a Sales Leadership Consultant?

A sales leadership consultant is an expert – experienced in selling and sales management – who can help an organization improve its sales strategies, sales processes, sales tools, and sales systems in order to drive revenue growth. To achieve this goal, a top-performing sales leadership consultant must be many things: analyst, strategist, tactician, innovator, manager, coach, leader. A sales leadership consultant must be intuitive, confident, and persuasive, and should also be genuinely interested in learning all the unique facets that impact a company’s sales. 

A sales leadership consultant must maintain a big-picture perspective while deploying smaller-scale initiatives. A sales leadership consultant must find answers in data and discern fact from opinion. A sales leadership consultant must be insightful. A good listener. A good communicator. A good and proven sales leader

Perhaps above all, an effective sales leadership consultant is a strong advocate for the organization, committed to helping achieve revenue growth goals, even if that means making difficult recommendations and decisions.

What Does a Sales Consultant Do?

Every client engagement is different, so the duties of a sales leadership consultant can vary somewhat from one client to the next. However, capitalizing on deep experience, the sales leadership consultant’s common goals, objectives, and responsibilities often include the following:

  • Asking the right questions of all appropriate parties, from the business owner to sales department leaders to individual sales team members
  • Observing and analyzing, bringing an independent and unbiased outsider’s perspective based on industry knowledge and relevant sales management best practices
  • Strategizing, working from a big-picture perspective so sales programs work to support overall revenue growth goals
  • Innovating solutions, working from a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and awareness of applicable best practices
  • Creating or revising sales compensation plans to optimize motivation and performance
  • Establishing essential sales goals, relevant metrics, and qualified sales forecasts
  • Updating, adapting, or deploying key sales tools and custom-tailored sales systems, including a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Crafting specific and focused sales process enhancements
  • Assisting with or managing sales recruiting, hiring, training, and onboarding
  • Documenting and implementing a broad range of sales enhancement solutions
  • Working with leaders to inform sales team members and stakeholders of key changes and initiatives
  • Assisting management with initial – and often, continuing – oversight of implemented sales management programs

Why Should You Should Hire a Sales Leadership Consultant?

Companies hire sales leadership consultants to help improve sales and drive revenue growth. To accomplish these goals, other key reasons to hire a sales leadership consultant include:

  • Acquiring deep sales leadership experience for a fraction of a full-time sales leader
  • Gaining an essential outsider’s perspective to create or improve and document sales strategies, plans, processes, and operations
  • To temporarily fill a sales management or sales leadership role 
  • To audit sales strategies and methods
  • To assess sales personnel and help management make key decisions regarding internal resources; and communicate those decisions to affected parties
  • To design and implement necessary new and enhanced sales tools and systems
  • To devise sales compensation programs that are effective and motivating
  • To implement key analytics and metrics
  • To integrate, adapt, and implement industry best practices 
  • To enhance and manage sales recruiting and onboarding functions

The Bottom Line:

Author Marcel Proust once noted that “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” A sales leadership consultant brings fresh perspectives that empower an organization to play to its strengths, overcome its weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities, and overcome obstacles – all as it drives toward essential revenue goals. What’s more, the financial rewards of using a skilled and experienced sales leadership consultant almost always surpasses the initial cost and continues to yield long-term return on investment. 

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